Students Accidentally Catch Cyclist Assault On Tape

From CityNews:

A group of students on a field trip in Toronto investigating the pros and cons of public surveillance cameras ended up catching a slice of big city street hostility on their own cameras Tuesday.

The Grade 12 students caught a road rage incident between a driver and a cyclist on tape, and could play a key rule in the meting out of justice after turning their evidence over to police.

The kids’ mini-cam was pointed at the scene near Queen and Bay when the driver on four wheels got into a dispute with a cyclist on two. As the students watched in disbelief, they saw the motorist get out of his still idling car, approach the cyclist and punch him boldly in the face. He pushed the stunned bike owner onto the sidewalk where the assault appeared to continue for several more moments.

(via Boing Boing)


  1. The driver should lose his license for at least a year….and a good kick to the ‘nads probably isn’t a bad idea, either.

  2. I wish someone had taped the guys reaction when the police showed up at his door with the tape in hand…doh!

  3. McGee: If ‘at least a year’ is how long it would take for a shrink to sign him off as unlikely to do it again, then I agree…

  4. To me it seems like the only reasonable way to deal with your average everyday cyclist in city traffic. Since nobody ever holds a cyclist legally responsible for his actions, they are all a mob of dangerous thugs.

    Every month as a pedestrian I almost get hit by a cyclist passing me from behind at top speed on the pavement. Then they just run right into the traffic at a red light. If they get hit, the car driver goes to jail.

    Most of the urban cyclists deserve to have a front tooth or two removed. I would have never turned footage like this over to the police.

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