1. While reading the comments on YouTube, I learned that I have a deep hatred for people who prefer Family Guy over The Simpsons. I really didn’t know I cared so deeply for the Simpsons that the mere suggestion that Family Guy is better would infuriate me. It’s just a sacrilegious thing to say.

  2. I definitely feel that The Simpsons is a better show and I have been an avid fan for years, but for some reason I laugh more when I watch Family Guy. The jokes are so incredibly weird sometimes that they catch me off guard, and I like that.

  3. One show has some of the same jokes as another? Ooooo, send in the lawyers, that’s never happened before.

    I like the Simpsons, but the clever episodes are really getting thin on the ground recently, and the jokes have always been spread thinner in comparison. Family Guy always makes me laugh. It’s not that it’s necessarily better, but it’s definately less jaded.

  4. We also have to keep in mind that the Simpsons is on Season 19 and Family Guy is at 3 or 4. The Simpsons will always be better.

    Agree with vegastar 100%.

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