U.S. author heckled by people denying Armenian genocide

From the International Herald Tribune:

NEW YORK: As a first-time author, Margaret Ajemian Ahnert hoped that her appearance at a Barnes & Noble store here would draw attention to her new book, “The Knock at the Door,” which deals with the Armenian genocide.

Her reading and question-and-answer session Tuesday drew attention, to be sure, but not the kind she expected.

A man in the audience was arrested after he and several other people disrupted the reading by shouting and passing out leaflets denying that the genocide occurred. Ahnert’s 209-page book tells, among other things, how her mother survived the genocide as a teenager during World War I and eventually came to the United States.

Ahnert said Wednesday that she did not mean “The Knock at the Door” to be a political narrative.

T. Rex Ate Coconuts

Enough of Cynical-C 2.0. We have bigger fish to fry. Like creationists:

A new museum in Petersburg, Kentucky greets visitors with a 20ft tall tumbling waterfall and at its base, mannequins of frolicking children play amongst dinosaurs. The Creation Museum, which cost $25 million to build, is home to many unusual sites: a diorama of ancient people overshadowed by a towering T. rex, Adam and Eve swimming in a river with giant reptiles, and even a scale model of Noah’s Ark.

Museum guides tell visitors that before Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise all of the dinosaurs were peaceful plant-eaters.

In Genesis 1:30 God gives ‘green herb’ to every creature to eat and so there were no predators. When a curious museum visitor asks, why exactly T. rex had six-inch long serrated teeth, the guides go on to explain that T. rex used his big teeth to open coconuts. Apparently it was only after Adam and Eve sinned and were cast out of paradise that the dinosaurs started to eat flesh.