1. This blog has really gone downhill. Instead of interesting, thoughtful, and reasoned commentary, all you post now are videos without comment, as if we’re supposed to waste five minutes of our life to see what the point it — and usually, it is not that interesting of a point at all. You are failing in your role as editor and your blog is failing to be interesting. I will not be around much longer.

  2. This Wozniak guy is a real asshole! Someone should tell him that the use of cars is responsible for a large portion of human green house gas emissions. What a prick. Motorists are assholes.

  3. I love that he buckles that seatbelt – prior to most seatbelt laws, good safety image! Had to be from 1982 since by ’83 and half it was Nissan. Interesting!

  4. Oh, the Woz. There goes a good human being, man. When Jobs screwed his co-workers out of stock option, this dude tried making good by giving them his own loot. The Woz is a saint.

  5. Man I love the Zs. I’ve always wanted one, you just can’t beat that front end. I’d have one of them over just about anything else you could name. They really need that rear spoiler that you get on some of them though, for looks alone.

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