1. That bald guy is a terrible actor …

    Anyway, I want to join Emerge, they seem to be better than my real family …

  2. Yes and no. After 30 seconds you’re not getting anything terribly new, but the length of time it goes on without repeatition is really the biggest impact, IMHO.

  3. I wrote some interesting information about “mind control” harassment by neighborhood activists back in 2001, and is posted in a few archives. To find it Google: “Von Kidd” + “mind control”. In the results the one at buffalo.edu is heavily edited. The one at Topica directory is not.
    The comment about how the perps hide their signal is incorrect. Not all the links work anymore, use the link’s topic as a search term. All the info from the links and more -including reliable, verifiable documentation from the media- is at: WantToKnow.Info. On their topic bar click mind control.

    In Freedom and Liberty,

    Von Kidd

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