Cynicism Is An Unpleasant Way of Telling the Truth

Eel Feather writes (Or wrote a few months ago…. Sorry Eel, it got lost in the shuffle):

But I’d like to bring an issue up with you, about that
Hellman quote. I’d never heard of Lillian Hellman, or
noticed that quote on cynicism. It’s a little
embarrassing to admit that I have never paid attention
to it before, but for some reason today, I did. And I
find that I completely disagree with it: cynicism is
_not_ an unpleasant way of telling the truth. It
certainly can be — but then again, it can also be a
perfectly pleasant and kind-hearted way of telling the
truth. So unless Hellman’s quote was taken out of a
greater context that qualifies it with such a caveat,
then it is wrong — or at best, misleading. It does
cynicism a disfavor by labelling it as unpleasant.

G. B. Shaw’s quote — even when standing alone —
seems a far more enlightening and reasonable opinion:
“The power of accurate observation is often called
cynicism by those who have not got it.”

Sure, Shaw’s quote is insightful but try fitting it on a masthead! I disagree with Eel Feather on this although the definition of cynicism has changed a bit since Antisthenes. Cynicism to me has always been about not bothering to sugar coat any opinions. I think I would need an example of somebody using a “pleasant and kind-hearted” way of telling the truth and still have that opinion be viewed as a cynical. Thoughts?