Paris Hilton Autopsy

The latest from the artist who brought you Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug:

NEW YORK, April 26 /PRNewswire/ — Paris Hilton’s naked “corpse” could
provide an invaluable service to students preparing for prom this season.
An interactive Public Service Announcement featuring the graphic display of
a tiara-wearing, autopsied Paris Hilton with removable innards is designed
to warn teenagers of the hazards of underage drinking. The display also
features Tinkerbell, Hilton’s forlorn pet Chihuahua with matching tiara,
and debuts in the trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood where
prom-goers frequently dine, courtesy of Capla Kesting Fine Art.

Mike Gravel’s Internet Boost

From NeoMeme:

If you haven’t heard of long shot Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel, you will soon. Immediately following his participation in the first Democratic debate, Gravel’s popularity shot up tremendously, thanks in large part to exposure online. If debate performance can be measured by the number of supporters won over post-debate, then Mike Gravel won the debate hands down. As I write this, the number one story on reddit is “Meet the Next President of the United States of America”, which links to a video compilation of Gravel’s best(and most provocative) statements in the debate. The same story is #1 on Digg, climbing to the top in record time. You only need to look as far as the thousands of votes Gravel received on reddit and Digg to see that he is popular, at least online.

The interesting thing is that Mike Gravel was dismissed by the mainstream media as a nobody with no support, and denied participation in the next debate. Ironically, it is this very rejection by the mainstream media as not popular enough/too controversial/too outspoken that has made Gravel so popular online.

Here are some of the clips from the debate: