1. It’s a pity people can’t fall over that gently, and well, avoiding head contact with the floor etc. There is a lession in it for us all. The lesson is ‘practice falling over, tripping, etc.’ as you never know when this will come in handy. After all kids fall over all the time and never seem to hurn themselves too badly, a skill the average adult seems to have lost.
    Oh yes Awww.. poor catpus..

  2. Wow, we just took Sophie (dawg) to the vet yesterday to have her nails clipped, and we have to sedate her to do it. Even when we do, the otherwise calm and happy dog turns into Cujo. She *HATES* having her nails cut. All last night she was stumbling around like this cat.

  3. Animals don’t understand what’s wrong with them when they suffer the effects of such drugs, unlike us (who often seek those effects, hehehe). I would have put kitty in a deep box for its safety until the dizziness wore off. That, and cuddled it a lot… >^..^

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