The Blame Game

In case you were wondering who’s to blame for the Virginia Tech massacre, I’ve created a list this morning to keep track. Feel free to send in any that I’ve missed.


The list keeps on growing and has 45 46 47 49 51 55 56 57 58 different items at the moment. Thanks to everyone who is sending me more links to add to the list.

Update 2:

The list now stands at 60 and I’m going to stop keeping track. Not for lack of finding more blame but because I don’t think it will ever end. Thanks to everyone who sent in links and everybody who commented and linked to the list.

Update 3:

People keep sending me more articles with different scapegoats so I might as well append them to the bottom of the list. The list now has 67 73 items pointing fingers in every direction.

It’s the fault of violent video games.

It’s the fault of movies.

It’s that no other students were armed.

It’s the cowardly students who didn’t rush the shooter.

It’s the first victim’s fault.

It’s secularism’s fault.

It’s the Muslims’ and/or foreigners’ fault.

It’s the Atheists’ fault.

It’s the fault of the colleges and how they coddle their students.

It’s society’s fault.

It’s the Second Amendment’s fault.

It’s the bureaucracy’s fault.

It’s the fault of Roanoke Firearms, where he bought the gun.

It’s the authorities’ fault.

It’s the Liberals’ fault.

It’s pedophilia, homosexual couplings and adulterous behavior’s fault. (Not sure if he means all at the same time or separately.

It’s capitalism’s fault.

It’s the fault of psychiatric drugs.

It’s the Devil’s fault.

It’s South Korea’s fault.

It’s the hippies’ fault. (Nobody’s blaming the Yippies yet)

It’s the media and culture’s fault.

It’s the murderer’s fault.

It’s the legal system’s fault.

It’s the fault of the Virginia Tech officials.

It’s the fault of the Chinese.

It’s the fault of this blogger who happens to be asian, likes guns and who recently broke up with his girlfriend.

It’s Simon Cowell’s fault.

It’s Bill Gates’ fault.

It’s the fault of trauma induced mind control by a military industrial complex.

It’s the killer’s parents’ and/or gun makers’ fault.

It’s the fault that colleges have co-ed dorms and/or students who major in English.

It’s a lack of funding for mental health services’ fault.

It’s the GOP’s fault.

It’s the Democrats’ fault.

It’s NBC’s fault.

It’s Autism’s fault.

It’s al Jazeera or Palestinian TV’s fault.

It’s the fault of pro-choice doctors.

It’s Collective Soul’s fault.

It’s the fault of professors who survived the Holocaust and are not armed to the teeth.

It’s Markos from the Daily Kos’ fault.

It’s the bullies’ fault.

It’s the Nanjing Anti-African riots’ fault and/or the fault of those in interracial relationships.

It’s the fault of our culture’s all-consuming desire for celebrity.

It’s fault of the Europeanization or nannyization of American behavior.

It’s Charlton Heston’s fault.

It’s the fault of immigration and/or asians.

It’s evil’s fault.

It’s W’s fault.

It’s the fault of vaccines.

It’s the fault that schools teach that the theory of evolution is fact.

It’s the fault of the CIA for training the killer as a mind-controlled assassin.

It’s the fault of stage weapons used in school plays.

It’s the fault of the classes where Cho was taught to hate.

It’s the school’s architecture’s fault.

It’s the fault of those who voted for Ralph Nader.

It’s the fault of Bill Clinton, internet pornography, free speech, condoms, abortions, and lack of prayer and bibles in schools.

It’s that Cho didn’t hook up enough.

It’s the fault of the Jews.

It’s the ACLU’s fault.

It’s the fault of media glorification.

It’s the fault of Americans.

It’s the fault of America’s youth mentality.

It’s the fault of big business.

It’s the fault of college admissions.

It’s the fault of his roomates for being too politically correct.

It’s the fault of the psychiatrist who let Cho get away.

It’s the fault of progressive education.

It’s the fault of white women.

It’s the ideology of diversity’s fault.

It’s Cho’s High School’s fault.

It’s Dateline’s fault.