The Blame Game

In case you were wondering who’s to blame for the Virginia Tech massacre, I’ve created a list this morning to keep track. Feel free to send in any that I’ve missed.


The list keeps on growing and has 45 46 47 49 51 55 56 57 58 different items at the moment. Thanks to everyone who is sending me more links to add to the list.

Update 2:

The list now stands at 60 and I’m going to stop keeping track. Not for lack of finding more blame but because I don’t think it will ever end. Thanks to everyone who sent in links and everybody who commented and linked to the list.

Update 3:

People keep sending me more articles with different scapegoats so I might as well append them to the bottom of the list. The list now has 67 73 items pointing fingers in every direction.

It’s the fault of violent video games.

It’s the fault of movies.

It’s that no other students were armed.

It’s the cowardly students who didn’t rush the shooter.

It’s the first victim’s fault.

It’s secularism’s fault.

It’s the Muslims’ and/or foreigners’ fault.

It’s the Atheists’ fault.

It’s the fault of the colleges and how they coddle their students.

It’s society’s fault.

It’s the Second Amendment’s fault.

It’s the bureaucracy’s fault.

It’s the fault of Roanoke Firearms, where he bought the gun.

It’s the authorities’ fault.

It’s the Liberals’ fault.

It’s pedophilia, homosexual couplings and adulterous behavior’s fault. (Not sure if he means all at the same time or separately.

It’s capitalism’s fault.

It’s the fault of psychiatric drugs.

It’s the Devil’s fault.

It’s South Korea’s fault.

It’s the hippies’ fault. (Nobody’s blaming the Yippies yet)

It’s the media and culture’s fault.

It’s the murderer’s fault.

It’s the legal system’s fault.

It’s the fault of the Virginia Tech officials.

It’s the fault of the Chinese.

It’s the fault of this blogger who happens to be asian, likes guns and who recently broke up with his girlfriend.

It’s Simon Cowell’s fault.

It’s Bill Gates’ fault.

It’s the fault of trauma induced mind control by a military industrial complex.

It’s the killer’s parents’ and/or gun makers’ fault.

It’s the fault that colleges have co-ed dorms and/or students who major in English.

It’s a lack of funding for mental health services’ fault.

It’s the GOP’s fault.

It’s the Democrats’ fault.

It’s NBC’s fault.

It’s Autism’s fault.

It’s al Jazeera or Palestinian TV’s fault.

It’s the fault of pro-choice doctors.

It’s Collective Soul’s fault.

It’s the fault of professors who survived the Holocaust and are not armed to the teeth.

It’s Markos from the Daily Kos’ fault.

It’s the bullies’ fault.

It’s the Nanjing Anti-African riots’ fault and/or the fault of those in interracial relationships.

It’s the fault of our culture’s all-consuming desire for celebrity.

It’s fault of the Europeanization or nannyization of American behavior.

It’s Charlton Heston’s fault.

It’s the fault of immigration and/or asians.

It’s evil’s fault.

It’s W’s fault.

It’s the fault of vaccines.

It’s the fault that schools teach that the theory of evolution is fact.

It’s the fault of the CIA for training the killer as a mind-controlled assassin.

It’s the fault of stage weapons used in school plays.

It’s the fault of the classes where Cho was taught to hate.

It’s the school’s architecture’s fault.

It’s the fault of those who voted for Ralph Nader.

It’s the fault of Bill Clinton, internet pornography, free speech, condoms, abortions, and lack of prayer and bibles in schools.

It’s that Cho didn’t hook up enough.

It’s the fault of the Jews.

It’s the ACLU’s fault.

It’s the fault of media glorification.

It’s the fault of Americans.

It’s the fault of America’s youth mentality.

It’s the fault of big business.

It’s the fault of college admissions.

It’s the fault of his roomates for being too politically correct.

It’s the fault of the psychiatrist who let Cho get away.

It’s the fault of progressive education.

It’s the fault of white women.

It’s the ideology of diversity’s fault.

It’s Cho’s High School’s fault.

It’s Dateline’s fault.


  1. As a rule, we must be prepared for trouble. People who send their kids out into the world without survival skills are stupid in the extreme. By the time young people go to college, they should be aware of the risks they face and be given the opportunity to face them.

    Innocence will not prepare us for the injustices that are known to exist, and are prepetrated EVERY DAY!

    Quit living in utopia and get a grip on reality. Life is dangerous and we won’t change that, no matter how many stupid, naive laws are passed. Criminals don’t care about the damn laws. They will get their hands on the tools they need, or make them.

    If we banned all the guns and all the ammo, the next shooting would happen before midnight, the same day.

    Guns would come across the border with Mexico, right along with the drugs. You know we’ll never stop the drugs, just like we’ll never stop the guns.

  2. …doesn’t surprise me that every theory would come out of the woodwork. Glad Chris compiled the list, it’s instructive.

    Maybe you could find a better example of someone blaming the liberals though. In defense of the person you’ve linked to, he said:

    “My intent here isn’t to demonize liberals, suggest that Cho was a Democrat or anything as childish as that. ”

    His intent was merely to clarify that there was no way you could construe the gunman as a right winger, after knocking christianity and saying stuff like this:

    “Your Mercedes wasn’t enough, you brats? Your golden necklaces weren’t enough, you snobs? Your trust fund wasn’t enough? … Those weren’t enough to fulfill your hedonistic needs? You had everything.”

  3. Not to forget the police who has known him for a while and decided he is not dangerous and of course the psychiatrist who has treated him. But I guess thats not funny he will be feeling bad already.

  4. I read last night the connection to Oldboy and I think I made the largest eyeroll in this history of man.
    The only similarity is that both of them are Korean and both of them were holding a hammer. The professor who made the connection and “alerted authorities” must have forgotten that depsite being a bloody movie about revenge, Oh Daesu NEVER KILLED ANYONE.

  5. gordan brown, george bush, society, all minoreties, big cars, anyone better than me at anything, batman , superman, daredevil, jeromy clarkson, avocados, and a lack of push up bras

  6. Roger Ebert — the movie critic — was interviewed after the Columbine massacre, and he was asked if he thought violent movies were somehow responsible for the tragedy… He responded that if anyone or anything was responsible, it would be the media — because all this hoopla they make of such cases propels these spree killers to a celebrity status. And that’s a very attractive idea, to a depressed, angry young man… The interview was never aired, of course.

  7. Great post Chris! The last few years I have really noticed how we in America must have someone to point blame at after something tragic happens, even though some of the time there is no one to blame and some event happened as the result of an accident or nature.

  8. It’s my fault.

    Seriously, though. Great list. Great commentary. Couldn’t have summized better my frustration with the results of this tragedy.

    And girard31’s post above…(number 29)…BRILLIANT!

  9. Here’s another one people don’t seem to care much about: the 45 people (on average) who died every day in the US in 2004 from alcohol-related traffic accidents.*


    note: the gun deaths in the previous comment are for the US only.

  10. It’s Iran’s fault. (ie axis of evil) They’ve created stress and aggression within American society. Make sure you pronounce it correctly, Eye-ran.

  11. I blame the actual ammunition. guns do not kill: it is indeed the bullet that projects forth from a gun that cuases bodily harm right? simply declare all copper, lead, and brass as precious metals, so that only the rich can/will shoot. i mean like you never hear of rich people shooting peeps up for jackshit anyways cuz. and btw no, i’m not serious homes

  12. steve: yes…nappy headed ho. i am wondering why we are not all so alarmed over the hundreds of thousands of iraqi deaths at our hands.

  13. Oh, for the love of cigarettes, I had not realized my whole name was going to come up. But here’s one for you. It’s my mother-in-laws fault. Why not? Everything else is!

  14. Would anyone be willing to browse through the articles and pick out the highlights? I’ve read all of them so far, but if the list continues to grow…

    Amazingly, through all this, God has managed to avoid any blame. Wouldn’t it make sense that the all-knowing, all-powerful, almighty knew about this and had the power to prevent it. His failure to do so puts the blame solely on his shoulders. I’d sentence him to a lifetime of not being worshipped.

  15. It’s the U.S. violent gun culture

    Organised religion is to blame

    Jesus was a bad influence

    The concept of martyrdom is creating a copycat domino effect

    Blame Canada

  16. Oh..did we forget ‘Cherchez la femme?’ . It’s those mean girls who didn’t appreciate the stalking thing.

    Its not guns and violence, its those naughty little bullets, they did it!

  17. It’s fault of the Europeanization or nannyization of American behavior.

    this ones about nobody acting or being proactive for fear of being sued and that its caused buy europeanization when its ammerica thats got the lawer culture that makes people sue each other
    there wasn’t a place to comment on the original site so i thought id bitch about it here

  18. This is so awesome. A blame list that doesn’t site the JEWS! I’m impressed. Finally there is something that my people who make up less than 1/3 of 1% of the worlds population are not to blame for…… or did someone just forget to include us? hmmm….. I wonder?

  19. I blame Jack Thompson, working in conjunction with the square mile of land at Mexico’s Southern tip. Not the people, the land itself.

  20. It’s the fault of the media (and sorry, but that includes bloggers too) who donates far too much time and attention to such cases — encouraging other would-be spree killers to pursue a legacy of infamy…

    This is just a guess, but I think more than 32 people died in car accident on that day…

    Can we move on now, please?

  21. muslims, christians, hindus, buddists, athiests, hitler,sir allen, aryans, black people, white people, yellow people(the simpsons), americans, europeans, asians, australiens, orientals, jeramy clarkson, anyone who earns more than me, racists, anyone i dont like, gay people, straight people.

    oh and jews.

    Therefore they should arrest everyone except the bisexual, blue skinned, agnostic inhabitents of the moon whom i am impartial to (though i dont really like them)who earn less than £12 a week (paper round)

  22. it’s “A well armed militia’s” fault, or at least those who ignore that phrase of your constitution.

    Maybe it’s the fault of people who never actually take the time to a.) quote the second amendment properly and b.) actually look up the definition of the word militia.

  23. I believe the Chinese proverb is:

    Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.

    The truth is, failure has plenty of fathers…it’s just that noone wants to own up (or be blamed).

    Of course, in reality, there is never a single cause for anything….every complex event has multiple preceeding conditions, and this one is no different. Many of the items listed here could definitely have played a role, and I’m sure there are many other factors that we’ll never even consider.

    I find it most rediculous when people assigne a single point of failure and say “That’s It, we need to ban X or Reform Y Now!” without really considereing the complexity of the situation,

  24. Seems it is the fault of a system where someone declared by the state’s courts as a person who is mentally ill and poses a danger to himself and others is then given approval by the same state to buy guns, including a semi-automatic weapon (the glock), or did I miss this.

  25. in britain anyone with a gun is a criminal.
    scince most americans have guns youre all criminals, eccept the already caught criminals because they can’t get guns.

    I hate you all

  26. The question is who really is to blame? Why did this young man become so violent? I see a very trouble young man with very poor social skills. Reading his plays I would suspect some childhood abuse in his past. This young man had a very fragile ego to start with.. I agree with a commenter on CNN that something busted his bubble. What was that?

    This young man with a fragile ego suffered one upset after another. The first was the rejection by the two females. It was natural for this young man to follow up on the urging of his fellow classmates to become more social, which means girls in our society. He however had an extreme lack of social skills. He however had a lot of pride and pressure from his culture to be someone. He therefore felt suicidal after the rejections and an encounter with the police. Patient was then taken in for observation by the police and introduced to our mental health system with the entire stigma involved. This was too much.

    I proposed what caused the tragedy is our present trend towards a non-caring and greed based society. The laws passed by congress over the last few administration have been disastrous to freedom loving people. Our kids see it and our acting out, hence the shootings in schools.

    Can’t people see the pattern? Every time democrats get into office, the powers that be try to erode our rights as citizens with new laws like the Brady bill or the newly considered bills by congress to require states to give information on citizen’s private lives for gun control. When republicans get into office, they fleece the country and enact laws like the Patriot act which further restrict our freedom.

    Few see that what happened in Virginia is due to a general trend of hard heartedness pervasive in this country. Hardheartedness based on greed of those that run the press, big business and the government. Hard heartedness manifested in the Brady bill which gives no second chances. That assumes that a judicial system designed and run by men is so perfect that rights given by the constitution and the wisdom of our fore fathers can be taken away permanently without even the seven year forgiveness that the past writers of law tried to write in the law. A forgiveness based on the bible.

    As for the mental health system, psychiatry is a science which even many practitioners, which I am one, realize lacks validity. We may have reproducible results in that you can get two psychiatrists to agree, but we lack validity in that there is usually no objective test that really determines rather a person in mentally ill. As is well documented, psychiatry is known for its abuses.

    In addition what is the wisdom in using the civil case level of proof, as committing someone for mental reasons requires, counteracting the highest law, which the second amendment of the constitution is. Civil court does not require that you prove a case beyond reasonable doubt. On this basis I think must of the gun control laws involving mentally ill should be unconstitutional.

    It all comes to the definition of freedom. Freedom is being defined by those who have wealth and power as their freedom to do and take as they please. How dare we interfere with this? We must be punished for our insolence. The new wave of punishment will come from there exploitation of this present situation. Many will feel okay to remain acquiescent because they do not feel threatened. But injustice is like a cancer. Although it is growing quietly, only a fool does not fear that it will not latter metastasize to affect the whole organism.

  27. Quote: This sick dude was made sick by taking anti depressant ssri’s which disrupt the serotonin system and causes both suicidal and homicidal ideation .
    Big Pharma caused this one not glocks.
    Scroll to point #7

  28. It’s the income tax code. Look how close it was to April 15th!
    On top of the personal problems, the bullying, the ridicule, the hedonism, he had to do his TAXES!!
    It’s either that or Incompetence. Cho’s incompetence to deal with reality (sad as it is), and the incompetence of the world to deal with Cho.
    I guess that’s the same as saying it’s Reality’s fault for existing.

  29. His Ebay ID has ‘blazer’ in it, he must’ve been a pothead having a psychotic episode induced by dope. I don’t know whether or not to be suprised it’s not on the list… suprised that the media haven’t made a bigg fuss of it? Yep; suprised that they gave it a miss while making a big fuss about something else equally tenuous? Nope.

  30. from an email thread:

    Blame the Thetans.

    or Xenu.

    or Tom Cruise.

    Personally, being an atheist and not believing in quaint mythological beings like Xenu or Tom Cruise, i’m going to turn to science in this dark hour.

    I blame chemistry and physics.
    If powder didn’t burn causing gas to expand resulting in the explosive ejection of a projectile from a tube, and if conservation
    of momentum didn’t cause the projectile to maintain its inertial state until it was deep in some poor bastard none of this would have

    Curse you,

  31. I blame the Transcontinental Railroad. If Kalifornica hadn’t been joined to the rest of the Union, then their perversity wouldn’t have become so prevalent and the Least Coast would have maintained its fine British Inbred Sensibilities and maintained the Asylum Trust in its proper glory, where I would now be a resident for life, and Cho would be next door….

    Damn you, John Henry!!

  32. Don’t mean to plug too much, just wanted to remind everyone after I have had a good chuckle, that regardless of whose fault Cho’s rampage was, the next one that happens is our fault if we see it coming and don’t get off our terminal-addicted asses and actually listen to living people once in a while….
    If you want Change, keep it in your pocket. Do things yourself because everyone else is too busy reloading.

  33. While the Virginia shootings were tragic, they could have been prevented. The Virginia Tech shootings were caused by space law** which led Cho to kill so many people. Remember, Cho was Asian. The United States is by far the leader in space exploration, with Asian nations far behind. This is partly because space law is unfair to nations developing new space programs. Furthermore, the shootings were at Virginia Tech, which probably sent multiple graduates to NASA. If we had given more assistance to nations developing new space programs, we could have prevented Virginia Tech.

    **Since so many people are blaming so many things for the Virginia Tech shootings, including vaccines and evolution, I decided to come up with an argument blaming the Virginia Tech shootings on whichever came up when I clicked the “Random Article” button on Wikipedia.

  34. you know, it really is all media propoganda. the idea of making these spree-killers out as celebrities is most likely true, but in all honesty, our generation is being portrayed as savage murdurers. everyone is calling US the enemy and saying OUR culture is destructive (TV, video games, movies).

    heres the real kicker though:


    forget what you hear from Michael Moore and those douchebag ministers claiming “homosexual themes” are killing our morales; the only place where we ARE the most violent is in teen/twenty-something SUICIDE.
    why suicide?
    well, how else are we to get rid of the “enemy”
    the media has created out of us?*

    *its ironic; killing yourself is not the answer kids.

  35. this is fun but it belittles the truth – just like columbine and 911, VA Tech was another government operation engineered to strike fear into the hearts of the cattle (er, i mean, citizens) of this nation so that the “government” can take away more of our rights and liberties. this is so f*cking obvious it makes me sick that people are playing the blame game here.

  36. Well, putting it into a giant list with nonsense like video games and movies doesn’t take away from the fact that the shooting could have been stopped if students, or at the very least, professors were armed.

    This list is almost meant to mock the idea that anything can be done to prevent shootings. Obviously it’s the shooter’s fault and his alone, but at the same time, Student A died because Student A didn’t protect himself.

    This blame-everything hoopla has apparently led some people to believe that anytime a possible deterrent is suggested, the person suggesting it is playing 20/20 hindsight, and just needs to leave everything to the proper authorities–in most cases, police. Fact is, things can be done to stop shootings. That most of the attempted blame is unsubstantiable conjecture doesn’t detract from legitimate complaints.

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