1. Awwww… poor, heartless, evil, little war-mongering, Cheney-puppet death-maker. I hope he suffers.

    What’s worse is that Ann Curry plays right into that BS… “It must be so hard do to what he does.” -Yeah, about as hard as cashing a paycheck.

  2. You know, frankly, at this point, I don’t really care. Burden of worry, sleeps like a baby each night — either way, the man has been a terrible, terrible president. Just because maybe that sometimes bothers him doesn’t change anything.

  3. “What’s worse is that Ann Curry plays right into that BS…”

    Agree completely. That honestly bugs the living hell out of me… The last time the shrub was asked an honest question was by a reporter from Irish TV — good, hard questions. The kind European politicians deal with all the time. He got so upset over it that the White House actually made a formal complaint with the Irish embassy — and Mrs. shrub canceled a scheduled appearance in Ireland.

    If Ann Curry (or any other major network reporter in this country) had half a soul, she’d have fucking exploded over that response… Or maybe just said, “Oh I understand, that must be a terrible thing to suffer through — how many children did you lose in Iraq?”

  4. I think after the first 100 or so it gets easier, then you don’t really mind, making appearances at kids funerals must be a pain though, pretending that you care and that they were doing a good thing. He does hang out with Tony Blair though and he’s even better at pretending he cares.

  5. “give him a purple heart for his mental anguish.”?

    you mean like rewarding mentaly challenged patients simply for being mentaly challenged? i’d say so…

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