Car Forum Readers Help Cops Nab Hit and Run Perp

Amazing thread on a car forum. A person posts about a friend who was involved in a hit and run accident and another member of the forum had happened to have taken pictures of the event.

From The Calgary Herald:

A quick-thinking motorist with a digital camera snapped several pictures of a hit-and-run collision, helping police nab a suspect after the driver fled the scene.

Saturday’s crash didn’t cause any injuries, but the photos created a flurry of activity when they appeared on local Internet forums Sunday.

“That’s the bigger story — it’s spiralled out of control,” said Dave Watling, who took the shots., a forum for car enthusiasts where Watling first posted the photos, received about 100,000 hits Monday, forcing the website to add another server to deal with all the curious Internet users, according to the amateur photographer.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Bonaventure Drive and Southland Drive S.E.

Watling was travelling northbound on Bonaventure and had just stopped for a red light in the right-hand lane when he saw a silver Acura come flying by him on his left and smash into the back of a stopped Mercedes.

The force of the collision pushed the Mercedes into a minivan and a taxi in front of it.

The Acura’s driver began to back up his car, and that’s when Watling asked his wife, Heather, to pass him his new Canon camera.

And here’s the link to the thread in the forum.

Too bad they took down most of the photos.