Which Cirque du Soleil Show Should You See in Vegas

From the Moveable Buffet:

More often than I am asked what show to see in Vegas, I am asked what Cirque show to see. People who want to see Phantom or Penn & Teller don’t need me to tell them. Those shows are known quantities. People just need to read the show names from time-to-time in Vegas to be reminded they are here. Same with Celine and Elton. But while Cirque has gone to great lengths to market all of their shows as different, the truth remains Cirque has certain qualities that assert themselves in all of their productions. Surrealism, acrobats, and an unmistakable overall sensibility. People ask, if they can only see one Cirque show which one should it be? So, here are my choices and reasons for which Cirque show to see.