Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Theories

The tin foil hat brigade has been around since before there were tin foil hats.

Approximately 7 hours before shooting the President, Booth dropped by the Washington hotel which was Vice-President Andrew Johnson’s residence. Upon learning from the desk clerk that neither Johnson nor his private secretary, William A. Browning, was in the hotel, Booth wrote the following note: “Don’t wish to disturb you Are you at home? J. Wilkes Booth.” Browning testified before the military court that he found the note in his box later that afternoon. Did Johnson and Booth know each other?

Mary Todd Lincoln felt Johnson was involved. On March 15, 1866, she wrote to her friend, Sally Orne:
“…that, that miserable inebriate Johnson, had cognizance of my husband’s death – Why, was that card of Booth’s, found in his box, some acquaintance certainly existed – I have been deeply impressed, with the harrowing thought, that he, had an understanding with the conspirators & they knew their man… As sure, as you & I live, Johnson, had some hand, in all this…”

Some members of Congress also thought Johnson was involved and a special Assassination Committee was established to investigate any evidence linking Johnson to Lincoln’s death. Nothing suspicious was ever found by the committee; yet a belief by some Americans that Johnson was somehow involved with Booth continued for many years.

Dickens World

Like Disneyworld but with Miss Haversham instead of Mickey Mouse:

A New Themed Entertainment Visitor Attraction Based Upon the Life, Times, Books and Characters of Charles Dickens, Our Most Famous and Enduring Author.

Situated at Chatham Maritime, Kent, near London, UK.
Construction started in February 2005 and the attraction will open to the public on May 25th 2007.

The in-house attraction will reproduce the architecture of the period with picturesque archways, cobbled stoned streets and decorative features, together with specialised lighting and appropriate euphonics as well as a host of costumed characters, shop keepers and street entertainers.

Original concept and design by G.A.O’Sullivan-Beare.
Rides and animatronics by RMA, one of the leading UK tectonic specialists in the country.

Global Incident Map

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