Virginia Tech Shooting Updates

Wikipedia has a page on the shootings.

Wired’s Threat Level blog has more info including eyewitness accounts and cellphone video and is being updated at a fast pace.

“Shooter is an asian male, showed up at his girlfriend’s dorm (it was co-ed) and shot her to death. He wound up shooting the RA as well when he or she attempted to investigate the gunshots. Two hours elapse where the campus is NOT locked down and authorities attempt to search for the gunman. Well gunman appears at an engineering building looking for his (now dead) girlfriend’s new lover, chains the doors shut, and proceeds to go classroom by classroom wearing a bulletproof vest and wielding 2 9-MM pistols opening fire on students and faculty alike. The current count is 32 dead, 29 wounded and the gunman dead to an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

The Collegiate Times Breaking News section is also being updated with the latest news and stories about the tragedy. They also have a map of the shootings.

Flickr has a photo pool up under Virginia Tech Shooting.


NowPublic has compiled the emails sent by University to students warning them of the danger:

9:50 AM entitled “PLease stay put” (sic) from

A gunman is loose on campus. Stay in buildings until further notice. Stay away from all windows

10:16 AM entitled “All Classes Canceled; Stay where you are” from university:

Virginia Tech has canceled all classes. Those on campus are asked to remain where there are, lock their doors and stay away from windows. Persons off campus are asked not to come to campus.

Planet Blacksburg, a student run online news site has plenty of info about the shootings with first hand accounts:

Ruiqi Zhang, a junior computer engineering major, experienced the incident first hand in his class on the second floor of Norris.

“A student rushed in and told everybody to get down,” said Zhang. “We put a table against the door and when the gunman tried to shoulder his way in and when he saw that he couldn’t, he put two shots through the door.”

“It was the scariest moment of my life.”


  1. I offer my deepest sympathy for all who were affected by this horrific tragedy. When I got home today, I went and hugged my parents and told them I loved them.

  2. Where the hell did he get a bulletproof vest?

    And the son of a bitch just decides to slaughter indiscriminately on this “revenge tour?” Friggin’ psychopath….I wish they could have taken him alive so he could be slowly tortured to death.

    My roommate’s (baffling) solution to situations like this? “Arm everybody….because someone would think twice if he knew everyone had a gun.”

    This is our America, folks.

  3. Who the hell is that asshole? Another imbecile claiming that allowing the students to be armed would have solved this….

    What the fuck is wrong with the human race?

  4. “My roommate’s (baffling) solution to situations like this? ‘Arm everybody….because someone would think twice if he knew everyone had a gun.'”

    and, from the livejournal link:
    “I will only speak with individuals who are interested in donating to charities resulting from today’s events.”

    WTF is wrong with people? Yes, sure, this situation would have been “so much better” if there were hundreds of people pulling out pistols etc. and shooting willy-nilly in the direction of the “perp”. I used to believe that evolution would weed this sort of psuedo-intellegence from us… now, I’ve given up on that.

  5. Eh, dudes… If this guy is making posts at this point in time, he is obviously not the shooter — the shooter killed himself.

    …I wish they could have taken him alive so he could be slowly tortured to death. — McGee

    Hehehe, I love that one — accusing someone of being a psychopath, and then wishing for him to be slowly tortured to death… Makes you think, that does.

  6. Lots of conflicting reports about now. Be wary of this eyewitness stuff – remember the initial eyewitness accounts of the de Menezes shooting in London.

  7. The VA Tech campus was a gun-free zone, therefore law-abiding citizens were not allowed to carry a weapon.

    There are countless instances throughout our country’s history where a citizen or officer legally armed with a firearm prevent further killing by dispatching the killer before he could kill more.

    The comment that if carrying a firearm was legal on the VA Tech campus then everyone would’ve been shooting willy-nilly is incorrect. Usually only a small minority of people will choose to carry a firearm. But that’s all that’s needed to stop a killer from killing more or even starting to kill.

    These killers who choose gun-free zones know what they’re doing — they know the chances that they’ll be around people who can defend themselves adequately will be much lower.

    I essentially look at it as a human-rights issue. Since killers will be able to get guns no matter what gun laws are out there, the rest of us should have the OPTION to carry a firearm if we choose to defend ourselves in that manner. I view that allowance as a measure of advancing civilation, not decivilization.

  8. The debate on 2nd amendment rights, gun-free zones and all that stuff is a worthy topic for us to discuss, and I think it’d be cool if it was addressed on this blog, at some point. But I don’t think it’s cool to do it, in this particular thread.

  9. I hate to be callous here, but why the huge outrage when 30 some people die in an American shooting and not the same for other countries? In Iraq we have 30 some dieing at once almost every day. Some mass shootings, some bombings.

    Sure in this one case having more people armed in the school may have reduced the death toll. But on average would we have more individual shootings? They won’t make the news but may add up to more than 30. I don’t know the answer to this question.

  10. LL:

    That is an interesting question, but perhaps one that cannot be debated here for the following reasons:

    People are basically tribal creatures who are likely to favor and care more about “their own kind” than others. This is perfectly normal albeit perhaps not “fair”.

    The interesting part is that in todays world, you are likely to not even know half the people living on your own street, let alone a huge group like “your countrymen”, “the other women” and so on.

    We are therefore told by the authorities and through the media who we are supposed to be loyal to. And who the potential enemy is. Them and us.

    In reality, depending on where you live, you are actually likely to be both geneticall and culturally closer to for instance Canadians or Mexicans than other Americans.

    Some feel close to groups far away based on other criteria than nationallity or language. People may for instance feel close to Africans or Chinese even though if they actually went to these places, they would hardly been seen by the locals as anything but alien.

    Debating these things in this context may be difficult because many people who happen to be close to the victims in terms of for instance nationality, will have an emotional response to these events that make it more painful to them than if the same amount of foreigners were killed.

    I can debate it freely since for me here in Europe, this is simply another bizarre news item, like “woman swallowed by crocodile”. People will read this here and simply think “those crazy Americans and their love of guns”.

  11. I hate to be callous here, but why the huge outrage when 30 some people die in an American shooting and not the same for other countries? In Iraq we have 30 some dieing at once almost every day. Some mass shootings, some bombings. — LL

    That’s a totally valid point.

    Between 25,000 and 30,000 children die every single day, of starvation and easily preventable nutritionally related diseases. If anyone is callous — well, it’s all of us. We’re all kinda callous.

    The media doesn’t cover a poor black woman disappearing — but if she’s white, blond and beautiful, you got 24/7 coverage of the tragedy… That’s callous.

  12. I’m sorry if that is really the case in your country. I can assure you that this is far from true about all countries tho. I’m sure yours will catch up eventually in that regard.

  13. (Storm, I don’t think you’re using those quote tags properly.)

    But that aside, I’m sorta thinking that if I was an Iraqi (and you know, maybe living in Iraq, and stuff) I’d be pretty bummed about the attention the media is paying to those people killed at Virginia Tech. Compared to the attention they pay to the equal amount of people that are killed every day, week or month in Iraq. Just sayin’

  14. Yes you are right. (About my use of the quote tags as well).

    People tend to care more about things that “could have happened to me”. The closer to hoime, the stronger the identification. Still it is odd how the media can get caught up in news stories that are well marketed. Here in Norway you find a great deal of tabloid gossip about US celebs, simply because they are marketed as being deities.

    Our own actors and politicians and musicians can walk the streets like any other normal people. But if an American is in town, people will go crazy, even if they really don’t like his music or movies as much as the local guys.

    At this point I have to confess that I still haven’t bothered to read a single news report about these killings. I don’t even know how I ended up in this thread.

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