Astronauts Returning From Moon Had to go through US Customs

They had to declare their moon rocks. Seriously!

Documents which have just come to light via the internet show that even if you’ve just travelled to the Moon and back – especially if you’ve just travelled to the Moon and back – the US Customs wants to know what you’ve got. Anyone who has visited the US will be familiar with the huge list of items which travellers are required to declare, such as plants, drugs and other preparations.

Historians at Nasa, the US space administration, have confirmed that the document, signed by the three crew members, Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins, is authentic. It lists their departure point as “Moon” and arrival as “Honolulu” on 24 July 1969.

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  1. Great post to which I thought I could reply. As representative of the Moon I’d like to remind that Armstring’s footprints remain forever in the dust on your moon’s moon. You are , of course , welcome to come back to make more , any time.

  2. So What? The Moon astronauts had to do paperwork when they returned. I am an an American Citizen living abroad and I have to undergo much more paperwork and rudeness from US customs and immigration when I regularly return home.

    I must say that since 9/11 the Yankee Border Guards seem to have become more polite and civil. There are even posters at the US/Canadian border posts of US Customs In New York State instructing and advising the Officials (and the public)that they should be polite, civil, and act according to law.

    This might sound unusual or even unbelievable to some readers not living close to the US/CAN border.

    Have any of YOU experienced inappropriate behaviour of officials on the US/CAN [or perhaps] the US/MEX borders.

  3. Great NASA piece of history

    I’ve lived in the USA twice for a year. On my first stay there were no problems at the border, this was back in 99.
    More recently in 2005, I had a problem with my visa, which was issued wrong by the embassy. The border people where great, they corrected my passport and where realy nice

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