A Chink in the Armour

The Asian Canadian Centre says:

“A Chink in the Armour is a hilarious look into the notion of stereotypes while revealing what it means to be Chinese-Canadian in today’s society. Gathering a large group of volunteers from Toronto, five of the major stereotypes will be tested to see if they are true. Do Chinese really know kung fu? Are they all good at math? The results are comical, always informative, and offer a unique glimpse into Chinese-Canadian culture.”

They’re right.
The documentary is great!

You should watch the whole documentary here.


  1. Farking good!!! Especially the kungfu test! 😀 Am ethnic Chinese by the way, and I suck at Math, am very good at driving, can’t drink, and know shit about kungfu. Oh, and I can speak Mandarin and Hokkien. 😉

  2. Wonderful! I just finished it. That last part had me rolling in the floor. I’ll definitely have to share this!

    The part that will stay with me, though, is when he said he had never been much aware of being Chinese as opposed to Canadian. My banana daughter’s experience is SO different, and she’s not yet ten. I so want to move to a more diverse area. And then get her some math help.

  3. The last part is confusing. They want to prove that most Chinese people don’t know kung fu, and they do that by getting a bunch of martial artists (who happen to be asian) to beat up the test subjects. Isn’t it fair to say that a lot of chinese-americans are interested in martial arts because it’s something from their parents’ culture they can easily get into?

  4. It was OK, but I wish he would have tested a control group. Maybe the second group could have been sort of a grab bag of races so the viewer could have a basis to understand how society in general stacked up on the tests. Without a control group the results were pretty meaningless.

  5. I think the whole “documentary” was meant to be tongue in cheek. I believe that’s why it was described as a “Michael Moore like” documentary…but wait…people really take Michael Moore really seriously.

    Perhaps that’s the problem.

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