• McGee

    Cats have an uncanny ability to look content in nearly any position.

  • Nice cat, of course, but also NICE sink!

  • Cal. I’m gonna call him Cal. And nice call on the blue medallion. Redheads – human and feline – look good in blue. Just like, ahem, Josie from Josie and the Pussycats.

  • jenni

    sigh. i wish my bathroom were that clean.

  • fanta

    His name is sink!

  • I’m going to call him Dihydrogen Monoxide. Or DMX for short. Where my dogs at?

  • GeeBee

    What is up with cats and sinks. Is it the coolness? Considering the legendary cats dislike of water, it strikes me funny…

  • Steven

    Sorry– His name is Webster.