1. I feel the need to say something about this Friday Cat Blogging thing… There was an entry a while ago, with complaints from people about the content of this blog, and it included a complaint about this cat blogging thing.

    Keep it up. I’m enjoying this stuff. I’m not a cat “person” — I don’t dislike cats; I can take ’em or leave ’em. They’re cool animals. I’m not. Dogs, on the other hand — I love dogs… Dogs are dorks. As am I.

    When a cat rubs against my leg, I have no idea what it means — is the clawy bitey scrapy animal displaying affection, or does it want food, or is it just marking its territory? I have no idea.

    This dude called Kurt Vonnegut once described his relationship with dogs, in a way that I can really identify with: He said he’d play with dogs — running, jumping, wrestling, tug-o-war’ing, just go plain nuts — until the dog got embarrassed… Once, when I took on a new job, my new boss invited me over for dinner, and he had two hyperactive ADD golden retrievers in the back yard. I went to play with them, and came back inside completely covered in muddy paw-prints. Suit and tie, I was wearing. His wife thought I was deranged. Maybe she was onto something.

    But uh, yeah so I’m not a “cat person” — but I’m still totally enjoying these Friday Cat Blogging things. Good stuff.

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