Vampire Hunting Kit Gallery

Spookyland was kind enough to send in a gallery on his site of other vampire hunting kits.

Some vampire experts claim that kits such as the present lot were very common in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries among travelers to Eastern Europe, particularly the Carpathians, and could be requested from the concierge desk of their hotels. Others claim that the kits originated in twentieth century America and are nothing more than romantic curiosities.

(Thanks Spookyland)

Video of a Teen Telling his Mom He’s an Atheist

Here’s an uncomfortable video that looks like it was taken by someone’s little brother. A teen is coming out to his catholic mom that he doesn’t believe in god anymore. She is a little less than enthusiastic about her son’s atheism.

(via Reddit)


Eel Feather’s the hero on this one. For those who didn’t get to see it before it was taken down:

BTW, I would be perfectly fine with my child if he or she came to me and said that they had found religion and didn’t accept atheism. It should be up to the parent to give the children as best of an education as possible and then let them make their own decisions on a theology. Religion should be an individual choice, not something that is forced.