1. McGee, what’s been unpleasant about it so far? I’ve been trying to ignore Vista for the time being and am curious as to what are the big problems to watch out for.

  2. Drivers and updates. I like the format, but I’ve had a hell of a time getting updates.

    I bought a new video card that said it was Vista ready, installed it….and then found out taht the drivers won’t install because, apparently, I’m not running Vista. Seriously. That’s what the installer told me.

    That meant I had to go in and manually install the drivers, but I didn’t get any of the software that accompanies them, like the Nvidia control panel. And another bad thing is, the last update was in February – and I have major ghosting/shadow problems on my LCD monitor now. I’ve been told that a DVI cable would fix that, but I don’t feel like spending even more money for something the video card should take care of.

    It’s mainly been updating everything that’s been the most problematic. Another problem I’ve had is with my printer – I got the printing part to work, but it won’t scan with Vista. Heaven only knows why.

    But the monitor thing is the biggest problem, because if I look at my screen for too long, I get a headache.

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