1. this site was really sad…not sad because of the deaths of so many beloved pets(although that was painful reading), but the fact that so may of these people mentioned the guilt they felt…several mentioned that they themselves had killed their own pets by feeding them tainted food.
    i am not a big fan of how litigious our society has become, but i sincerely hope a class action suit can be brought against this company for all of the heartache and suffering they have caused.
    i am also grateful my cat has fancy feast as her daily treat..although i have to admit i am fearful of giving her any wet food in light of recent events.

  2. 1. If anything, this is the ideal case for litigation. Their product caused property damage (sorry that’s how the law looks at it), the government isn’t likely to get involved or shut their operations down and finally filing a lawsuit is the ideal way to get them and others like them to improve their product to avoid future legal issues. Nothing quite gets a corporation to get off its ass and do something about their crappy product than the idea of hemorrhaging money.

    2.Jenni, you actually feed your cat? My cat eats nothing but sewer rats it has to kill itself, aquarium fish that jump out of the tank and the odd box of Alley Cat that is thrown at it only to burst apart on the wall spilling its contents on the floor. (Yes I’m kidding)

  3. I know there are much bigger issues in the world right now, but pets inhabit a part of the hears that is not penetrated by anything or anyone else, and it breaks my heart to hear these stories. When you get home from work tonight, give your cat, dog, figh, hamster, whatever buddy you have waiting for you a little extra love and affection tonight. It just stirss more compassion inside of us to pass along to the rest of the world. Boy, pets make me a sap!

  4. i just read some of those nasty comments you recieved.
    first of all there is this thing called freedom of speech and i believe it means you can say whatever you want and or post on your own f*ck*ng blog.
    forget those dumbasses and second of all- dont you dare stop cat blogging i love it!

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