What People Are Saying About Cynical-C

Peter writes:

This video was a complete waste of my time. I am going to stop visiting your blog unless you post things of interest and of value. Wasting 4 minutes of my time like this is not of value. Wise up and do not post every stupid video you come across.


This blog used to post cleverness, but now too often it merely posts a video and expects us to waste 10 minutes of our time getting to the point. People don’t have that kind of time.

This place is really going downhill.

Dido writes:

To the author of this site:

Dude stop trying to disprove there is no god. All you readers have figured that out already. And if they haven’t then they’re plainly retarded. I think you should put in more stuff about philosophy. Philosophy deals with exactly this stuff but without senseless gods. Dont get me wrong! I LOVE THE SITE

Toni writes:

You seem to be an angry yet sad person. I’m sorry you have such an outlook on life. I hope God softens your heart. God Bless you.

Kiera says:

Hi Chris,

I’ve visited your site everyday now for a good year or so and I’m afraid I
can’t any longer. Regarding your comment the day your wife got her wisdom
teeth out: I must say – I’m shocked and disappointed. I know you are
entitled to your own religious or non-religious beliefs, but I was taken
aback that you would say something so derogatory about the religious beliefs
of so many others, especially with such a popular website.

Just voicing my disappointment.

Bill writes:

I really enjoyed reading your blog as to me for the most part it seemed to impartial pot shots at both sides of an issue, but lately the voice seems more partisan and angry. I think a real cynic doesn’t appear to take sides.

Tim says:

I’m deleting Cynical-C from my bookmarks after this post. I have been reading this blog since 03. What did mormons ever do to you?

Roger writes:

Cris, please stop posting cats on fridays. Its excrusiatingly boring. If you do anymore cat blogging, I will unsubscirbe to your blog.

Sincerely, a longtime reader.

Randy writes:

Thanks for wasting 7 minutes of my life with that stupid video post. Ricky Gervais sucks.

Inthelight writes:

Your sight sucks and you suck. What gives you the right to talk about our savor the way you do. GO TO HELL!

Dave writes:

After reading your site for over 2 years, I have come to the conclusion that it sucks.

Jan writes:

Yawn, another link to Wikipedia. Why don’t you just call this blog Cynipedia?

Jim writes:

who is this????? come on CHRIS get a life..dont post useless articles….1 more things…u r blogs getting boring day by day..

Joey B writes:

awesome, now we have daily atheism. Why not just turn this into ihatechristianity.com?

Tina writes:

I’m sick of you posting bad things about Michael Jackson. I’ve been reading your blog forever and this is the thanks I get?

Shannon writes:

Hey to the author of this blog. Can you not post anymore YouTube links. I can’t see them at work.

Reader says:

What are you, some kind of mental case?

Dominic writes:

No, you lying white devil. Cynicism isnt ‘an
unpleasant way of telling the truth’. Thats antiChrist
white devil bullshit. Optimism is telling the truth.
Everything gets better, nothing ever gets worse. Ever.
You dont even know what the truth is. Jesus Christ IS
the truth. Jesus Christ isnt cynical. The devil sure
is. And so are his people.

Jason writes:

Isn’t this just a little juvenile? Are you really that offended at getting feedback from your readers that you don’t agree with? This website is called Cynical-C, not Juvenile-C.

Dude, you’re not 12 anymore. Learn to take a little constructive criticism. Grow up.

Wil T. Flowers writes:

I just thought that I would let you know (although, you’ve probably heard) that your writing is very amateur. Your editing is poor and you website is very poorly thrown together. I hope you don’t dedicate too much of your time to this site, because I’m afraid you fail at life if you do. Got broken links? Spell check is also associated with most text applications these days…the red underline isn’t a congratulations on using a big word.

God bless you anyway…

A Better Human Being

Rob writes:

You are an asshole.

I never read your stupid ass blog anyway you faggot.

You are correct I was just trying to get free advertising you scumbag.

I wish you were here so I could smack the shit out you, you pussy.


  1. Cheers, Kiera! I had completely missed the wisdom-teeth post.

    C, any chance you could ask her to recommend others? 🙂

  2. Wow. Can you imagine how exciting it is for a 15 year old guy to have his comment posted on the front page of his favorite blog? Pretty damn exciting. lmao. That was a long time ago and I can’t remember what I posted that to, or what I meant by it. This is an awesome site, but as with everything there’s a bit of room for improvement. I think everyone would appreciate a bit more posting.

  3. (Different Dave)

    Sometimes I don’t like your posts, but Chris,
    CynC and DamnI are the ONLY blogs I check
    every day, and that is even counting my wife’s.
    This irrational behavior will continue.

    Oh, and is there something about Christianity
    that prohibits good spelling?

  4. this is the only blog I check on a daily basis. Most of the time I skip over email to check this site. Im horribly addicted. Keep up the good work.

  5. Once again we are reminded how much easier it is to criticize than to do better. I love this blog. Wouldn’t miss it.

  6. Chris, please stop posting about people who are complaining about your posting – I am sure it upsets our savor (mmmmm, delicious savor)

    Keep up the great work, I really enjoy your site!

  7. I like how those people tend to act like this blog is for its readers, rather than as a hobby for you yourself.

    I started my blog as a way to avoid annoying people by sending them 10 links every day. Instead they’d just check my blog every now-and-then and get some good chuckles or hear me ranting about something, or check out other random things that I find relevent to my interests.

    I love this blog, and think everyone who’s posted negative things about you have a high opinion of themselves and need to step off of their high-horse.

    But I will say you’ve been flooding it with a lot of youtubes lately, and the guest catblogging is really boring.

  8. I have only fairly recently started viewing this blog, but I can honestly say that I am addicted. I check it every day and find sometimes the most interesting or humorous items here. The people that put your stuff down are just jealous that they can’t do better. Keep up the great job!

  9. The cat blogging must be a cat-lover thing. I just skip on Fridays. xD

    This is the only blog I read, and I personally think that if you don’t like the post, just don’t read it. There are some hilarious ones though (the peep contest, for instance).

    Keep it up.

  10. I would like to add my criticism to the ones above. I’m very offended that you don’t believe in me. Now I’m going to cry, and that will bring rain. See what you’ve done? Hope you’re happy.

  11. Your site has taken a drastic turn for the worse since your guest Radmilla has started posting her ebaumsworld garbage. I’m now just waiting on the racist and homophobic visitors from that site to move over here.

  12. Looks like you’re doing some fine work if so many people are angry. KEEP IT UP!!! (And if you ask me, we need MORE atheist blogs.)

  13. ROFL! Not all of us…I enjoy the blog, and it’s really fun seeing all the different points of view, even the poorly spelled ones. I guess I’m the only “retard” that still visits the “sight”(sic) on a regular basis. I find it really interesting, especially the kittie pictures, even tho I’m into dogs. They don’t make my eyes swell shut. The arrogance and smug self-satisfaction of some of the comments are even more amusing. Anyway, keep up the good work. I may not agree with everything, but, so what. I enjoy so much more!

  14. After reading your site for over 2 years, I have come to the conclusion that it sucks.

    Ha! He put in the research, it’s hard to say that he’s not entitled to his opinion. Two years!

  15. Well, the neighbourhood has certainly improved 🙂
    Don’t let them get to you with all their christian forgiveness.

    I enjoy your site… well, except for the cats. I’m just a dog guy.

  16. Hahahaha! That’s awesome, so much hate mail. Well I for one love this site (except for the cats) and you do a helluva job posting. Please continue, no matter where it takes you or what you end up posting…it’s completely your choice and we’re just here for the ride. We all have the freedom to click or watch or not, so don’t listen to those people. Cheers,


  17. i love the blog, Chris (like others said, it’s one of only two or three that i check daily). i tend to skip the videos because it takes too long for me to figure out if they’re worth watching (except when you provide a zesty description). but my web browser has scrolling ability, so i just skip past some things to get to others. maybe if other people’s browsers could do that too, they wouldn’t need to write in those witty complaints.

    anyway, thanks for the ready supply of procrastination material!

  18. This is the “Cynical-C Blog” you can post whatever the fuck you want. If other people want other content, they should go out and find it. Keep up the fucking good work.

  19. Hah. I’m amazed. Perhaps you should have a follow-up “Part II” to this post, and include some of the above comments. Wow.

  20. BWHAHAHA!! Amazing, some of the comments that you have got! I don’t know if some of them are real or if they are just trying to be funny. 😀

    Anyhow, I don’t get it – it’s Chris’s blog. He can do what he wants with it. So what gives??? I don’t think he needs to “please” anyone.

    If you don’t like a particular post, just ignore it. If you are going to complain about the video, don’t watch it. Don’t like the site? Don’t come lah!

  21. Ask them what I used to ask folks who complained at the radio station: “Would you like your money back?”

    Ah, you couldn’t count a site successful if you didn’t have some folks trying to bring you down. Here’s one Christian you won’t be getting rid of.

  22. I’m constantly amazed at how people expect websites to change to their liking. You don’t like it, you go away. Its a simple concept isn’t it?

    This is one of the very few blogs I read and have been reading for the past 2 years and it still rules!

  23. You seem to be an angry yet sad person. I’m sorry you have such an outlook on life. I hope God softens your heart. God Bless you.

    Hehehe, I love this shit. Passive-aggressive, hypocritical religious claptrap at its finest.

    If all of those who complained really quit reading this blog, that’d be fantastic — it’d be like a moron Exodus. The average IQ of Cynical-C readers just jumped about 20 points. Hooray!

    Personally, I like topics on politics, ethics, religion — and the history thereof. Things that generate thought — and debate. That’s what I’d personally like to see more of. Oh and Daily Dose of Ingersoll — haven’t seen any of that in a long time now…

    Good stuff — keep it up!

  24. Wow! People need to learn to STFU and scroll past what they don’t care to watch or read. SH*T, nobody is gonna agree on everything but its a blog so get over it! Write your own and see how many tens of hits you get.

    What did Mormons ever do? HAH! I’ve never had an ATHEIST come knocking on my door at 8 A.M- in the dead of the summer heat- trying to make me come outside so I can listen to their 30+ minute rant. If you don’t want Atheism pushed in your face then freakin get a clue and stop coming to people’s homes.

    I love the blog. Some stuff isn’t my cup of tea but i have this magical little scrollbar thing that lets me !maturely! scroll down to something more of interest. *gasp* I know that’s profound to some.

    Cat blog Fridays are the best. Next time you see one, just move right along. Unbe-f*ckin-leaveable

    Keep it up cynical-c.

  25. Who the funk visits websites every day? Get an RSS reader and skip past the stuff you don’t like. And to Shannon who said:

    Hey to the author of this blog. Can you not post anymore YouTube links. I can’t see them at work.

    AH HA HA! Get your ass back to work. Jesus tap-dancin’ Christ! There’s a reason why your office blocks YouTube.

  26. An open reply to: DIDO – TONI – KIERA – TIM – ROGER – RANDY – and INTHELIGHT – – –

    Simple Americans. Aren’t you lot due to invade another sovereign nation? Go stick your tongues down the backsides of toddlers, as your sad nation is known to do. Your presence will not be missed here.

  27. I am surprised at how unappreciative people can be. I have been here for over a year and I check the site nearly every day. I always know there is going to be something interesting here.

    About the cats. Come on guys, Chris does have a life outside this site. So, if he doesn’t want to update everyday don’t complain about it.

    As for the guest bloggers i think its a great idea. It just adds more content and variety to an already great site.

    Thanks for all the hard work Chris

  28. Thanks for airing your hate mail.
    This is the only blog i read, and i enjoy it a lot. I could do with less of the antichrist, but i just scroll.

  29. thank you, chris, for your blog. i visit it everyday and if there is something i don’t want to read or watch, i won’t. i do not view other people’s blogs with an agenda in mind…i just want to be entertained or informed by whatever the host is willing to share. i have appreciated your efforts for a couple of years and will continue to do so, regardless of what others say!
    please, keep up the great work!!!!!

  30. Excellent. I love people because they are so stupid. I am sure you are terribly saddened by the loss of readership since how much money you make off of this depends on the amount of readers. What? No Money? Wait…oh nevermind. Fuck em then if they leave.

  31. I’m sorry to hear your vision is failing. 🙁

    Inthelight writes:

    Your sight sucks and you suck. What gives you the right to talk about our savor the way you do. GO TO HELL!

  32. once in a while i read one and think:
    “i’m not so into this post”
    So i go to the next one and i always come back, thanks for the fun!


  33. Chris,

    I have read this blog daily for nearly 4 years, by my estimation. I admit that more recently, I have been less interested in many of the posts, and I do think the content has changed some. For example, the cat blogging isn’t really what I come here for.
    However, there has always been plenty of content that I have enjoyed, though I don’t always agree with your positions.
    For pete’s sake, though! This is your blog. You have the right to post whatever the hell you feel like. You certainly don’t write it for me, nor any of these other gripers!
    Do your thing, and do it how you like. I appreciate you letting me read along.

  34. Chris – look at it this way…

    Those who slate have been visiting for a long time have grown their own level of Cynicism that they thinks is better than yours – or they could just be loosers.

    Those who slate due to your views on religion – Yeah whatever!!

    The rest of the people who knock CC – tut..

    I’m with PVC on this:

    “Cynical-C is the most fun you can have with a computer and a bottle of screw-top fortified wine.

    I endorse it. *hic*”

    Dude – keep on truckin..

  35. Chris,

    Keep doing exactly what you are doing. Your choice of posts, attitude, etc are exactly why I check in regularly. While I don’t always agree, I appreciate different viewpoints.

    Keep it up!


    I also have some trouble playing embedded youtube vids in FF at your site. But I can open in new window without a problem. Once I take the “&eurl…..” off the end of the url, works fine.

  36. I scope out your site EVERY DAY!! You ROCK!! I love all of your You Tube Videos, your Friday cat photo’s, etc…
    Keep on trucking! Your the BEST!!!

  37. Geez, buddy…

    I decided to give it another shot so I wouldn’t seem fickle sending you that PRIVATE email.

    Only to be shot down in front of everyone on the blog.

    I think I really am done this time.

  38. Kiera, you’re an idiot.

    Do you think that Chris cares if you visit his blog? You don’t pay anything for hours of entertainment here so just shut your yap and stop ruining it for the rest of us.

    It’s so funny how some people think they are owed something for visiting a website.

  39. Anyone who hates this site is an enemy of me! i am so sick of uptight “faithful people” who can’t tolerate anyone elses opinion but their own! I am christain myself and i believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. I never criticize or judge anyone for their beliefs. If you believe that we were all created in gods image then you are hating god everytime you scold someone for having a different point of view!! but anyway..I LOVE THIS BLOG! never change!!

  40. Bah! You know I love this site. You do great work Chris.

    I used to leave it up at work all day so I could hopefully get a little break and see what was new with you. Now that my job is closely monitoring our activity, I have to save it for when I get home.

    You know what I do when I see a post that isn’t interesting to me? I DON’T READ IT! Geez, no one is required to check EVERYTHING out.

  41. JJ, you got beat up on the playground a lot as a kid…didn’t you? Easy to snipe at people when they can’t see you, isn’t it?

    I just think it’s rude to exploit your freeloading, not-owed-anything readers. Just my opinion.

    Neatorama’s better anyways…

    Cheers suckers!!!

  42. ROFL! Kiera is giving you plenty of ammo for round 2.

    BTW, it’s funny to see how Kiera reacts when somebody criticizes her. LOL.

  43. Keep the cats. In fact, let’s make them especially hard to avoid.

    Why not have a Mon – Fri cat blogging days? Maybe let people have a cat free weekend. 🙂

    My fav of the comments was the 2 year one. Seriously, 2 years before coming to the conclusion you don’t like the site. Was it some sort of kidnappee? Made to look at specific stuff everyday? If so we should feel sorry for the person that they had to endure such an ordeal – but also happy, that they eventually escaped long enough to vent in the comments 😛

  44. Keira, I’m embarassed for you. Why do you think you should be entitled to throw out your opinion of something but get so uppity when someone criticizes you?

    You’re a hypocrite and everything you say will just make you look dumber. Make good on your word and just leave. Or stay and continue to take everything so seriously.. whatever benefits your life.

    XD you guys make me laugh!

  45. Hey Chris,

    The negative comments you posted crack me up. I can never understand why people complain about posts of videos that waste their time. It makes about as much sense as calling the cable company to complain that TV Land wastes your time showing too many Munsters reruns.

    I just came across your site today, and I marked it for future viewing–cats, atheism and all. Very good stuff. I have just one comment. I found a handful of entries that were not interesting to me. In the future please post only things which entertain me personally so I do not have to waste several seconds of my time scrolling down the screen. If you do not comply, I will teach you a lesson by limiting my visits to your blog to no more than once daily. Thanks, you godless, cat-loving…um…cynicalist.

  46. Although I do get bored on some of the posts, I must say that about 90% of the stuff here interests me. Keep up the good work!

  47. I love seeing the cats on Friday- reminds me that I survived another week and all is right with the world 🙂

    I could care less for ~90% of the YouTube and video stuff (no sound at work) but guess what…I scroll past it. Holy Shit! Brilliant (in the Guinness or w/e beer it is commercial voice- you know what I mean)

  48. Jesus buttfucking Judas, this is absolutely fantastic! This blog blog is excellent on its own merit, but what makes it truly great is the spectacular crowd of deranged nutjobs it draws out. This is the best bit about the Internet — in bygone eras, you’d have to visit Speaker’s Corner in Hyde park, or the looney bin for this kinda entertainment. Awesome.

  49. couldnt agree more eel feather, you’ve been givin me no end of bemusement and amusement with your angry rants, keep them up!

  50. Love the blogroll sidebar!

    I’m actually visiting kottke less since he switched to the RSS sampler or w/e he uses now. He was my portal to all the cool sites, including here, but no longer. There are a few sites I probably won’t be hitting again without those links…

    Call me lazy or behind the times, but I don’t feel the need for RSS. And I would rather follow the familiar trails to the familiar places (links) rather than shoot straight from one to the other (bookmarks) with nothing in between.

    Its like playing in the woods as a kid- I know where all the fun places are and when I want adventure, I’ll crawl through the brush and see what I find.

  51. Hi C!

    Just wanna say that I love your blog! It’s like a christmas calendar to me that lasts the whole year and not just 24 days. It’s educational and entertaining at the same time. We all here at the Fritz-von-Schnitzel-Tits University in Spankendorf, Germany appreciate your dedication to bringing light and joy to this world.

    Germany will always be thankful to your country for exporting democracy and David Hasselhoff. Thanks to him we finally found peace within and don’t have to invade other countries anymore.

    Give us our daily Super Pursuit Mode as we’ll give you turbo boost!


  52. Please stop shouting.

    This is exactly the same as the FCC complaints. It takes a real busybody to purposely read a blog or watch a TV show, then blame someone else that they did so.

  53. wow, i mean the ingersoll isn’t my favourite part of the blog, but i just skip over it. no one’s forcing these people to read what’s on the site, they actually have the capacity to not read it, odd concept. i mean the titles of the articles and such aren’t exactly misleading (eg. jesus on mouldy shower curtain… or whatever that was) so they can kind of get a sense of what they’re walking into before actually committing, but they still read it. and on top of that they complain about reading it. i love people sometimes, they’re so funny.
    i’d recommend you open some sort of discussion on religion since so many people like talking about it, but i get the feeling that we have too many people who would respond with blind hatred… meaning not with their heads, christian and atheist alike (and in that respect they deserve each other… but it’s still really fun for me to watch).

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