Woman’s House Ransacked After Craigslist Ad

(03/05/2007) An ad placed on Craig’s List is being blamed for the ransacking of a Tacoma, Washington woman’s home.

Vandals ripped apart the house after an ad posted on the internet bulletin board invited people to take anything they wanted from inside.

Now police and the home’s owner are trying to find out who posted the ad, and why.

“It hurts. I was attached to this home because it used to be my mom’s,” says Laurie Raye.

A phone caller alerted raye to the destruction.

She soon walked through her garbage strewn front yard to find her house dismantled.

From the light fixtures to the hot water heater everything is gone…including the kitchen sink.

Her neighbors later reported seeing strangers hauling stuff away from her home, seemingly looking for salvage material.