Human Computer Interaction in Science Fiction Movies

Science Fiction movies have been a source for speculation about the future of technology and human computer interaction. This paper presents a survey of different kinds of interaction designs in movies during the past decades and relates the techniques of the films to existing technologies and prototypes where possible.


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  1. I dunno about that. Every computer I ever see in TV and movies, sci-fi or not, really overdoes the interaction bit, to the point of detracting from everything else going on. Instead of a little progress bar, you get the entire screen taken over with a huge one, flashes and bleeps etc, and a patronisiong computer voice shouting “searching”, or “processing”. Fingerprint/iris scans are my favourite though. No little device that just makes a small comfirmatory bleep, pops up a modest info box or lights a green or red LED, no, we have to animate the biggest mugshot we can find onto screen (prefereably over a background of white, glowing matrix lines on a blue or green background), flash up the message “IDENTITY CONFIRMED”, blink it on and off for a while and then say “Good morning Mr Bloggs, welcome to Blah-net” before we can enter the building…

    Can you tell this is yet-another-Schmoo-bugbear? (TM)

    I’d like to think that future developemtns are steered more by people who have actually identified a problem to solve, or an advancement to be made, than it is by TV’s drama-queens 😉

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