1. You poor godless heathens, when the rapture comes, over six billion more savages will be added to that count.

  2. i sent this to my fundie father, and his response (hold onto your hat):

    “There isn’t any way Satan killed anyone because the right to give life and take it away only belongs to God almighty. Its what makes them different!”


    So i sent the link with cites to the bible, along with the question “so does this mean that Satan has the same ‘power’ as God then? Or is the bible wrong?”

  3. Great graph, but another web page had the God bodycount at some 120.000 only. Can’t remember where it was unfortunately, since it was some time ago. (Actually I thought it was here, but I guess not)

    I remember this other list not including whole cities like Sodom and Gommorah since the actual number of residens was never specified. So the “actual” number would be a good deal higher yes. Maybe like this one.

    I guess what I’m clumsily trying to phrase is: how did these guys arrive at this precise number?

  4. well, if your going to base this off a book you believe to be fictional, then it is asumed that since God created you, then he can destroy you, right? If your dog kills other dogs, destroys your house and rapes female dogs, would you put it to sleep?

  5. your so right raleigh… even if your dog rapes your house and destroys other dogs, he can’t destroy you. nor would god, since he is assumed off a book to be fictional, yet he can put other dogs to sleep.

  6. I think a more fair comparison would be if you mated and had a baby and then killed it because it drooled on your shirt or something. It’s not commonly acceptable to put down humans, although with babies it is certainly tempting at times.

    This example is of course also fictional since everyone knows that babies really come from storks.

  7. The Bible is about God. If there were a book about Satan, perhaps the numbers would be different.

    This brings up an interesting question: Aren’t all deaths caused by God, according those who believe?

  8. It was for the greater good though, so whats a couple of million or so people for for the greater good? Remember he gave his only son, I’m sick of hearing that one actually, who cares if he gave away his only son? People give their kids away all the time, no one worships them, infact people who get leave their children in situations where they are harmed are arrested and put in jail for child abuse, greater good my arse.

  9. Well your chart is wrong. satan is ultimately responsible for every death on the planet. Internally satan shuts down body processes in some gruesome and untellable manner. God rushes into to save you from being envloped in satan back medium too long.

    Its really sad and good that you all dont see the ways satan affects the being. its like a large radio wave making eveyone stupid and angry. causing murphys law concidences, and its even more unfortunate that god is not up to task in stopping satan. from what i hear god doesnt want to communicate with people because of how angry satan would get. most the people in the mental home are cases where god tried communicating with people and satan retributed in horrible manner.

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