Cheney in the Bushes, Spying on Shrub

Does that guy do anything but seethe?

Also, Bush complains about Congressional Vacation, before he leaves for vacation. No, not from the Onion.

ABC News’ Jennifer Parker Reports: With both the House and Senate in recess, President George W. Bush slammed the Democratic-led body Tuesday, saying Congress should get back to work.

“They need to come back, pass a bill,” said Bush during a press conference about Congress’ efforts to attach conditions for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq to a war spending bill.

The President said Congress’ traditional spring recess over Passover and Easter holidays has delayed the passage of emergency Iraq war funding….

…Hammill also said it was ironic that Bush criticized the congressional Easter break only days before taking an Easter vacation of his own.

President Bush plans to spend Thursday through Sunday at his ranch for an extended Easter weekend.

  • Brandon

    It looks to me, that he was having a meeting with the Shrub, because we all know that the Shrub is smarter than the Bush.

  • Nice camerawork CSpan cameraperson! Great zoom-out!

    Maybe he needed to take a leak? Maybe there was a terrorist in that shrub?

  • FlamingAtheist

    Were Cheney’s lips moving? Might be practicing his ventriliquism with his favorite dummy….

  • pvc

    Hey Dick, it’s still daylight. Get back to your crypt before you melt.

  • MIchelle

    Sure looks like he had his undies in a bunch, now didn’t it ?