1. I love this BBC Reporter. Have you seen his similar work with “Aryan Nationalists”? He interview and follows around “Prussian Blue” while he’s on assignment too. Fascinating stuff — and how they base all of their beliefs “in god”. Scary.

  2. Saw this on TV just a couple of days ago, Louis does it fantasticly, as ever. They’re an absolutely disguisting example of humanity.

  3. Fantastic documentry, I (thankfully) caught the repeat yesterday. Excellent stuff. Louis’ got that perfect balance to get ‘inside’, but still act as the voice of reason. That 21 year old lass really seemed to be holding back on what she wanted to say. I really thought she was just gonna break down and tell him the truth. It got quite emotional on the car journey at the end. You can blatantly see that most of the younger lot, (21 and under) were either brainwashed and/or just didn’t understand what they were endorsing. Louis really got to the root of the problem in-terms of understanding, but unfortunately that message never really got through to any of the Westboro people. At the end of the day, he’s a documentary maker… and a damn good one at that.

  4. This was broadcasted on the BBC last week. There is a lot of information about their godfather Fred Phelps on Wiki. Chapeau for Louis. I would have lost my temper

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