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  2. 500 a day… not bad. How many actually get through, roughly?

    I’m seeing a new one now, and it looks pretty watertight. It’s nothing but a couple of random words and a link to an image hosted somewhere like imageshack. The image is just a pump-n-dump stock thingy, no contact required. I really can’t see how anyone can filter these without blocking genuine emails I get all the time – mates sending “he he, look at this”-type emails. It’s going to have to be whitelist, challenge-response or cooperative filtering to get around it, all of which are unsuitable or a PITA for me to implement at work.

  3. Heh, well all of those emails actually get caught by Akismet so actually since you were joking I would say that Akismet did a very good job in not deleting your email.

    Schmoo, maybe 5 get through Akismet and are directed to my “moderation” page. And about two spams actually get posted that I have to delete. I think those are more phishing spams since there are no hyperlinks in them.

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