Ultimate Body Shield

A perfect gift for those with loved ones in the military or those who just like throwing money away.

Ultimate Body Shield is a supernatural medallion and prayer that will put your loved ones away from harm and danger. It will protect them from virtually any life threatening or deadly weapons in Iraq or Afghanistan. It sounds too good to be true. But it’s the truth. These are actual prayers that Jesus Christ and our Virgin Mary used when they were here on earth. These prayers are being used by my family for three generations and work really great. My grandfather used it and my two uncles used it. I personally have been using them for over 30 years on a daily basis. Its so powerful that even after 34 years of using them, I am still amazed how it does great wonders. It will not protect you from natural illness like cough or cold, diabetes, hypertension or cancer. This will supplement your bullet proof vest or body armor. In fact, its better than either one of the above.

How much is the Ultimate Body Shield? It’s either $50.00 or $365.24 depending on what paragraph you read:

How much is this Ultimate Body Shield ? In fact, I cannot sell it to anyone. But I am requesting a donation of $50.00 per medallion. Thats very cheap for 24 hours a day of protection, 365 days a year. This protection does not stop after your tour of duty of one year. Unlike computer electronics that become obsolete after one year, this remains usable and powerful in your lifetime. Unlike electronics battery that requires at least 16 hours to fully charge the battery, it only requires minutes of your time every night (Simple 2 to 3 minutes of supernatural prayers).

How to order? First, copy your military ID and include it with your check or money order of $365.24 payable to ULTIMATE BODY SHIELD. Due to the delicate nature of this subject, I need your military ID for proof of US military service. Certainly, we don’t want this elite protective shield falling into the wrong hands (our enemies).

(via J-Walk)