Post Mortem Infant Photography

We were fortunate to have a photographer in our area who could capture these images for our family. I am grateful to Steve, for creating such beautiful, beautiful images of Chase. After all, these images are all we have of our son to hold on to, and to remember him by. In a way, it was Steve who brought my baby to life and marked his presence on this earth.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep


  1. This is just amazing, it really should be mandatory for it to be suggested as part of the counselling process. I can easily imagine how it never occurs to greiving parents, and I know how much of a comfort it is to have a something to hold on to.

    My wife and I were told our eldest daughter wouldn’t live until birth. They found something wrong, 2 weeks later gave us that news, a 1 or 2% chance of a misdiagnosis and a chance to have a further scan to find out, another 2 weeks later at the other end of the country. Thankfully it was a misdiagnosis and she’s absolutely fine now, (disharged even from checkups after a year, they are that certain), but it was enough of a hint at the grief bereaved parents must go through to know I couldn’t cope with that kind of loss.

    Anyway, back to the point about something to hold on to – She has a little fluffy bunny that we bought for her while this was going on – just something to represent hope for her – and whenever they go away to stay with family, I still, 4 years later, bring it to bed with me… I can’t sleep without it if she’s not in the house.

  2. Sounds seriously creepy to me. I’m glad it gives them comfort, but it seems tremendously morbid and pesonally those pictures strike me as seriously disturbing. Very much reminiscent of the Victorian fad for post-mortem infant photography – see here for some info on that – with other similarly creepy pictures, so be warned.

  3. If having this image helps the grieving family, fine. But I had a friend who lost a child and had his photo taken, and sent us all a copy. I think if you want to do this, keep it for yourself.

  4. Losing a little one you’ve barely gotten to know can be so fleeting. Having a memorial photo that is tastefully done can help with the grieving process. People that find the dead “creepy” watch too many zombie movies…

  5. The eyes are not open, they are painbted on after the fact. b This weas done because it was very likely in most cases that the post-mortem photo was going to be the only photo of a child, and they wished a lifelike appearance.

  6. This is really a very heartwarming and touching scene. Anyone who can caught a photo of a baby or a parent hugging his new born baby is really very touching. It will really melt the heart of whoever sees the photo. Keep on looking for this kind of photograph of a baby.

  7. Parents keep a lock of hair in a baby book, so why is a picture considered creepy? I think this is a beautiful portrait, and I would want the same thing had I lost a baby.

  8. This is a sweet, touching photo. It must bring so much comfort to the parents that they have this remembrance of their little one. He is not forgotten.

  9. people today have become so detached from the reality of the end of life, preferring, it seems to sanitize and deny it. This is a tasteful picture of a father’s last goodbye to his lost son. This photo is all these grieving parents will have to enable them to process their loss. To hear it called creepy is annoying. try to put yourself in their place, if you can.

  10. This is not creepy or disturbing at all, it’s beautiful. And I’m so glad you got the chance to have photographs of your son. Parents of living children shouldn’t be the only ones to have photographs of their children. You will never regret having those photos.

    People today will watch others doing the deed on TV or see multiple people killed in a 2 hour movie, but a photograph showing a father’s love for his (deceased) child is creepy? How twisted.

  11. This is so beautiful and deeply moving.

    Years ago my sister-in-law knew her unborn baby had zero chance of survival. The baby died seconds after her birth. A nurse there was kind enough put a little pink cap on her and swaddle her in a blanket so everyone could hold her and say their goodbyes. A nurse happened to have a camera, they are grateful. Though the heart never forgets it is the only visual they have to remember her by.

    These photographers are doing a great service.

    The babies may not live that long on this planet but they still touch us, they were here, and they mattered. There is nothing creepy about a precious little soul.

    Thank you for sharing such a personal photo.

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