Japanese Restaurant with Goldfish Swimming in the Deep-Fryer

From Trendhunter:

You have to see this video! This is a restaurant in Japan that has a goldfish tank – INSIDE THE DEEP FRYER! And the goldfish is actually alive and well, swimming around totally oblivious of the 162° C hot oil floating above them.

The reason why this is possible is that oil floats on water. The burning hot oil therefor floats on top of the water where the goldfish is. So as long as they don’t try to “jump” out of the water, everything is fine. They can live inside an active, working deep-fryer for 5-10 years! The bonus is that all the crumbs and leftovers from whatever is being deep-fried sinks down to the goldfish.


  1. 1. How do they clean the goldfish tank part?
    They must filter the water and do occasional
    water changes, to keep the goldfish alive.
    It looks to be a pretty small volume for
    that many fish (read, DIRTY TANK).

    2. Do you really want to trust the oil/water interface barrier to keep all the fish poo
    out of your batter?

  2. Just a little observation from my previously deceased goldfish… they float to the top.

    Scenario 1:

    Man 1: mmmm… that was a delicious serving of fish and chips
    Man 2: I don’t see fish and chips on the menu

    …the possibilities are endless.

  3. Question 1:
    Wouldn’t the oil heat the water to a temperature that would kill the fish?
    Question 2:
    Wouldn’t the fish eventually suffocate because the oil prevents the water from reoxygenating?

  4. Dave: If you go to where there is just 20 seconds left* you can see what keeps the poo out of the oil. It’s a black layer of all the previous poo, presumably fairly well cooked by now. Tasty.

    *Why does YouTube count down now? it’s bloody annoying for giving time references…

  5. Thats some type of new oil, because an ice cube in regular oil would pretty much explode like when he poured that glass of water into that pan of oil.

    He must be talking about how the heat transference isn’t effecting the water below towards the end. Wish I could understand it.

  6. Jimmys on the money with Question 2:
    Wouldn’t the fish eventually suffocate because the oil prevents the water from reoxygenating?
    This is soooooooooo Fake but fun !

  7. Yeah I seen this once before. Definitely cool. Those goldfish better not decide to jump out of water or they will be deep fryed goldfish 😉

    You have a great blog here. Lot of cool information.


    Jamie Boyle

  8. its so amazing that the goldfishes live on the boiling oil until 5-10 years. its awesome. by the way i think it is the lucky charm for their business. a goldfishes INSIDE THE DEEP FRYER. because all i know Japanes beliefs a lot of luck Charms and most of their Luck Charms are Animals different kinds of animals and Goldfish are include or Different kinds of Fishes. so thanks for the amazing video. and Good Luck on your Business.


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