Beating Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge

Not through psychic means however:

Those who know me may be surprised to read this, but I’m pleased to announce that Jutta Degener and I have successfully visualized the contents of Randi’s challenge box. We accomplished this from over a thousand miles away and entirely through mental concentration and the application of our unique talents (or, I should say, gifts), and without any physical access or inside information. We can now reveal to the world the item in the box: a small mirrored flat circular wheel or disk, such as a DVD or CD. Randi, if you’re reading this, a money order or certified check will be fine.

As you ponder the cosmic ramifications of the awesome, terrible powers that we apparently possess (we’ll use them only for good, I promise), let me explain a bit more about the remote viewing challenge and how we accomplished this unprecedented paranormal feat.

(Thanks Brian)


  1. Um, all I see is a direction less discussion group where you (I presume you) insult James Randi and are soundly rebutted for it.

    Claiming you shut down the Randi challenge is like me claiming that Evander Holyfield retired because he was scared to fight me.

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