• pvc

    Hey Dubya, for your next stunt, how ’bout heading on down to Caracas and have a few drinks with your old pal Hugo?

    If you don’t, then you’re chicken.

  • Dave

    Too bad those people don’t realize how naive and rabid they appear. To compare Bush to Hitler is the height of ignorance – it actually weakens whatever statement they’re trying to make.

  • niel

    what’s that, Dave? maybe they should just be complacent like the american public when the decider is around. Is that what you’re saying? Well, sometimes it takes a loud screaming voice of protest to be heard above the power elite and the religious-reicht that Bush represents. And, clearly, you know nothing about protest art.

  • Dave

    And you, neil, know nothing about history.

  • Cristi

    It pains me to see this. I’m no supporter of Bush, but to compare him with Hitler, wtf? What are in the minds of these Brazilian and Argentine protestors? Like they do anything to save the world, they can’t even save their own countries from corruption and bad politics.

  • Jimmy

    Tsk, tsk… and yet no one invoked Godwin’s Law? For shame. Besides, you can’t compare Bush to Hitler. Hitler was a charismatic public speaker, who had his country’s support when he invaded other countries and was not just someone else’s bumbling puppet.
    I don’t know what everyone going on about Bush being the least popular human being on the planet is about. Obviously people care a great deal for his safety if he’s being guarded thousands upon thousands of soldiers, tanks and roadblocks.
    As for the pictures. As can be plainly seen in the bottom of photo 16 it was an idea time to introduce the camouflaged falafel cart.
    In 26 the soldiers lead the protesters in a rousing game of red rover.
    38, nice mohawk their, buddy.
    39, PETA attacks from out of nowhere.
    48, is their anything more frightening than that man clutching a test tube.
    49, o’lala rowl rowl.
    50, looks like the mohawk guy ate another protester.
    52, um… not so much.
    53, isn’t that a Clinton mask?

  • geezas


    …coruption and BAD politics?

    Are you sure you are talking about Brazil?
    ‘Cause US isn’t a good example of good politics either.

  • emoviolence

    people arent saying bush=hitler. what people are saying is ‘there goes another major leader in the world, killing everyone and destroying everything he wants to, while other country leaders pretend theres nothing wrong when theres a chance to seel things to him’ …. president lula should at least make a proposal to sell things to US as long as US leave middle east for good or something.