Some Luck!

found cars

Here is what happened: the guy bought a property and in the property there were a huge barn. The barn doors were weld, so, when he first checked the state, he didn’t looked inside the barn.

After the buy, he went there to force open the barn, and he found a real treasure inside it. Actually, he found a car collection the properly repaired may worth more than the property itself!

Some people just have a horseshoe up their ass.
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There’s a Rat in Mi Kitchen

rats in a restaurant

NEW YORK — The parent company of KFC and Taco Bell _ still smarting from last year’s E. coli scare _ has been forced back into damage-control mode after television cameras caught rats scampering around a restaurant floor.

Here’s the article from the Washington Post.
Ok, I know that any big city’s downtown core has rats, and mice.
But, Holy Canolli!
If you haven’t already seen this video, click on the image.
I’ll never complain about having to cook, and stay home to eat again.

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