Tobias Wong

bible gun

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Tobias Wong creates in New York. After studying art and architecture, he graduated in sculpture from The Cooper Union. Wong treats design as a medium rather than a discipline to show how it embraces the aesthetics traditionally relegated to the fine arts. He’s coined the term “paraconceptual” to describe his dismantling of the hierarchies between “art” and “design.” In Wong’s hands, both have similar goals.

Not merely conceptual, his work mocks its own consumption. Wong literalized this message with a Jenny Holzer tattoo on his right forearm: “PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT.”

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A Rare Opportunity

angry teen

Yesterday I made a post about the teenagers that murdered the homeless guy and then blamed it on violent games. These kids have given the media their angle and just like all the other cases where games are mentioned no one will ever look any further. No one will ask what their family life was like, what their parents were like, what the kid was like before all this happened. Games did it and that’s the end of the story.

In my post I took the absolute extreme opposite approach. I laid blame completely on the parents and that was intentional. Penny Arcade is a satire site and people come here to laugh or get angry and that’s what we try to provide. I will admit that deep down as the father of a two year old I also want to believe that I as a parent can shape my kid into a decent human being. If I don’t believe that then…well I just have to believe that right now.

Penny Arcade gets a response to his blaming of parents from the Stepmother of one of the charged teens.

It’s a crapshoot, this parenting thing.
Sometimes the crappiest parents have the greatest kids, and some of the kindest people end up with demon spawn.

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Guest Friday Cat Blogging

We interrupt this trip to Southern FL to bring you: Guest Friday Cat Blogging:

Sara writes:

Although I’ve cleared many places for this kitty to sleep, he really digs the bathroom floor.

From Robert:

Here’s a photo of our two Swedish cats Pixie and Prosit, sitting in the bathtub enjoying an umbrella placed there to get dry.

From RR (I think)

dunno why this is so popular, but I figure I’ll join in the fun. Here’s my two cats, the pic describes their relationship pretty accurately. Nova was raised by circus acrobats and/or wolves, and Squeek is really just along for the ride. Neverending entertainment around here.

Jerry’s cat, Kittypants.

here’s a photo of my cat, kittypants on his trip to prague back in 2005…he fell in love with a czech kitty and unfortunately hasn’t been the same since…for a few months, he drowned his sorrows in some danish catnip before setting out back on the road…maybe he’ll send you a postcard…poor cat….

Deon sends in a Youtube vid of him and his cat Jack, who you can see if you have the ability to see through a guitar.

Video Catblogging!

This is a link to me and my cat Jack.
He’s the one on the left.

And last but from the size of his cat, definitely not least, is Colin’s Neelix.

Thanks everybody. Now I’m off for a cuban sandwich.