Buy Britney’s Hair

$1,000,000 might seem like a lot but you have to remember that they are chipping in the can of Red Bull she was drinking at the time.

This is it, the opportunity of a lifetime. You can be the proud owner of Britney Spears’ hair, extensions, the Omega clipper used to cut it all off and even the can of Red Bull she was drinking at the time. You also get her blue Bic Lighter and this valuable domain and website to use for publicity purposes. This is the Ultimate Britney Spears Experience! It is a piece of history that can not be duplicated!

British film crew threatened by drunken settler in Hebron

“Tel Rumeida is a small Palestinian neighborhood deep in the West Bank city of Hebron. Palestinian families from whom these settlers occupied lands, live directly next to these settlers and are often virtual prisoners in their homes, subject to the settlers’ violent attacks and destruction of property.”

See the video here

Better keep the volume down, and just read the subtitles if you’re at work.
How’d you like drunken morons, who hate your guts for simply existing at all as neighbours?

Fondling of Teacher on Cell Phone Video Leads to Investigation

A high school teacher has become the focus of an investigation after a cell phone video surfaced of a number of underage male students fondling her during class.

A lawyer for the teacher says she is the victim in the incident and that she had reported it to school authorities before the video surfaced.

See the video here.

What I want to know is why she didn’t jump up and stop it immediately.
I’m sorry, but if someone sticks their entire hand down the crack of your ass, I think you should at least flinch, no?

Prisoners of YouTube

I’m a big fan of YouTube, and on occasion, I’ve wondered about those people who became famous on the internet by accident. And worse, those who got that fame because of some boner move that was caught on video, like the DEA Agent who accidentally shoots himself:


How do you live that down with the video available within seconds to watch over and over again?
Here’s an article from RADAR Magazine on some of the Prisoners of YouTube.

P.S.:Apparently, the DEA Agent who is the star of this clip, is now suing the Government.