Death Certificates For Aborted Fetuses

I guess the next step would be to have birth certificates issued after “dinner and a movie”.

Legislation introduced in Tennessee would require death certificates for aborted fetuses, which likely would create public records identifying women who have abortions.

Rep. Stacey Campfield, a Republican, said his bill would provide a way to track how many abortions are performed. He predicted it would pass in the Republican-controlled Senate but would have a hard time making it through the Democratic House.

“All these people who say they are pro-life — at least we would see how many lives are being ended out there by abortions,” said Campfield.

The number of abortions reported to the state Office of Vital Records is already publicly available. The office collects records — but not death certificates — on abortions and the deaths of fetuses after 22 weeks gestation or weighing about 1 pound.

The identities of the women who have abortions are not included in those records, but death certificates include identifying information such as Social Security numbers.

Campfield’s bill, introduced Monday, would give abortion providers 10 days following an “induced termination of a pregnancy” to file a death certificate.

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Jesus Makes Appearance in a Tree

Q. Where’s Jesus today?
A. Up a tree in TX.

An ordinary tree on an ordinary street in Crystal City has now become a gathering point for believers and the curious.

The tree has no fruit. It has no flowers. It has no leaves. It has, however, grown its tangled limbs into an image, that some say, looks like Jesus Christ outstretched on the cross.

“I think He’s here for a reason,” said Betty Jo Hernandez. The tree is on her property.

“I think it may be a sign,” said Janie Gutierrez, Hernandez’s neighbor.

“I think there are believers,” said Adriana Gutierrez, Janie’s daughter.

Hernandez has lived on the property on D Street for 20 years.

“[It looks like] Christ. We just looked up and, I don’t know, to me it was something so beautiful, I wasn’t going to just keep it to myself,” Hernandez said.

“It looks like God when He was on the cross, to me,” Adriana said.

“It’s already been making quite a commotion here,” Janie said.

The word spread fast and now believers are coming to admire, take picture and pray.

Religious Freaks has video of the news report.


24 set in the middle ages. This is really well done.

24 goes medieval. 1424 is a parody of the 24 tv series, which sees Jack and the Los Angeles setting moved to medieval England in the 1400s. As big fans this is our tribute to the show and thought we would try something a little different. It was made for a college project with a few mates (you’ll see quite a few similar dying goons!), and had to be shot quickly and cheaply, but was great fun to make. It has been split into 3 parts to keep small. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to the feedback.

Part 2 is here.

Part 3 is here.

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Fox’s Version of The Daily Show (Minus the Funny)

Two things hit me immediately after watching this.

1. You would think they would have hired a comedy writer for a comedy show.

2. The “newscaster” looks familiar. Wait a minute. That’s Kurt Long! I worked with him at a grocery store when we were both in college before he went off to Hollywood to chase his dream of being an unfunny John Stewart impersonator for a right wing “comedy” show. Here’s some trivia for long time Cyn-C readers, I think he was dating at that time the born-again christian who told me I was going to burn in hell for eternity because I refused to accept christ as my savior in the post I did titled People I’m Going to Hell With.

Comic Fight!

Joe Rogan VS Carlos Mencia onstage

From Joe Rogan’s myspace page:

So here’s how it all went down…
I had a set at the comedy store Saturday night, and after I closed, I was bringing on the next comedian, a guy named Kirk Fox that works for Carlos Mencia.
I introduce him saying that he’s a funny guy, and that he opens on the road for Carlos “Menstealia.” That’s the name we call him at the comedy store, and of course Carlos doesn’t like it one bit.
Carlos was apparently in the room when I said this, and the perfect combination of ego and timing made him decide that this was the night to put his foot down.
As I got off stage and headed towards the back of the room, he grabbed the mike away from Kirk, and said that I was too much of a pussy to say that shit to his face.
Which to me is something akin to the hottest girl in the world daring you to fuck her while you’re standing there in her bedroom naked with a boner.
Of course I had to disagree with him, and I decided to get onstage with him and have this “meeting of the minds” as it were.
On video.

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Glorifying Terrorism

Breaking the law by writing fiction.

Welcome to Rackstraw Press, created in response to the Terrorism Act of 2006 – the controversial ban on the glorification of terrorism in the UK.

This Act is opposed by people from many political parties as an attack on free speech. Government protests that it will only be used if someone directly incites terrorism have been regarded as implausible by lawyers who point to the many other laws which currently cover this action.

Science fiction is a political genre. There are many science fiction writers who have already written novels and stories which could be considered in contravention of the law.

In February 2007 Rackstraw Press published Glorifying Terrorism, an anthology of sf short stories written in protest of the Terrorism Act.

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