Friday Guest Cat/Hedgehog Blogging

From Lady Spankington:

Hey, thought I’d submit a picture of one of my kitties for the Friday Guest Cat Blogging. I also wanted to pass along that I really love your blog and look forward to it everyday.

Here’s a picture of my cat MJ who really really really wants to eat Betsy the hedgehog, but experience has told her not to. But she can still dream…..

  • You can see it in it’s eyes = it’s thinking.

    “Aww, the prickly thing is so cute I just wanna dunk it in my coffee”

  • Gwenny

    Cute hedgee! I want one!

  • John

    Too many cats! Love the blog except for the cats.

  • pvc

    Once stuck twice shy.

  • cybexvisine

    cats eventually get their way no matter how long it takes…

  • mantas

    I agree, cats are all knowing and better then us

  • randpost

    I hate cats

  • Heather

    I didn’t like cats til I got 1.. now I have 4. They’re easy to love ^^