The “HooHaa” Monologues

The Brouhaha over the HooHaa:

Driving by the Atlantic Theater yesterday afternoon on my way to a meeting, I noticed that their huge marquee had changed slightly — what was once billed (as recent as the day before) as “THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES – Feb. 15th,16th and 17th” had been changed to “THE HOOHAA MONOLOGUES.”

Confused at the change in terminology from the anatomical to the informal, I called the Theater immediately (904-249-PLAY) and asked the answering manager if some kind of complaint had been made. He told me that a woman, who had driven by with her niece earlier in the day, demanded that they remove the vulgar “VAGINA” from the marquee, as it was wholly offensive to her and others (of presumably equally low intelligence).

The manager, in perhaps the coolest act of management ever, informed the lady that it was (Atlantic Theatres’) sign and that (Atlantic Theatres) could post what they wanted on it. Never mind the fact that the word in question was, in fact, part of the title of an award-winning play and a perfectly appropriate term for female anatomy.

The woman then demanded that Atlantic Theatres change the sign or that she’d “pursue further action.” The manager I spoke with sounded a bit frustrated yet resigned to the fact that any hell this woman could raise would far outweigh his personal satisfaction in keeping the sign as it was.

Here’s the local news coverage on the HooHaa.
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  1. Heh. Reminds me of a situation in… well, one of a college towns in the South. According to the local lore, a place called Bad Ass Coffeehouse opened in town. Nobody complained, until the mayor drove by and threw a fit. He threw another one when he discovered that he can do nothing about the sign, either. Had to hand that to the owners: they ignored mayor’s fits completely, and when the press asked them what was the deal, they replied: “See that donkey in the sign? That’s what ‘ass’ refers to. And, if someone sees sexual subtext everywhere, or is annoyed by it, they need to see a shrink ASAP.” So, they got free publicity (“the coffeehouse not to be named”) and made the mayor look like an ass, pardon my pun.

  2. So, we resort to baby words for the proper clinical word, “vagina”. Vagina is vulgar? The stupidity makes my scalp get tight…ugh…

  3. I would imagine that Eve Ensler could give the theater a bigger headache for changing the name of her play then some random cow driving by who’s too afraid (or too stupid) to explain anatomical terms to her niece.

  4. I think that lady should take her niece out of school immediately. I believe the school system starts teaching children “sex education” by the sixth grade (at least from my experience). Her niece will be forced to learn sinful terms such as uterus, fallopian tubes, prostate, urethra, and look at anatomically correct diagrams that show where these things are. This type of knowledge is one teens can do without.

  5. Something similar to this just happened recently around here. This guy that owns a restaurant has it where you can meet a disney character every thursday night. Well, one week he had on his sign “COME MEET TIGGER”, and someone with an easy sense of humor went up and swapped some of the letters around to make it spell something else. It pissed off some of the folks around here.

    UPDATE: Oh, here it is. Enjoy.

  6. James, I don’t understand how that is similar at all. One is dealing with medical terminology for a body part while another is dealing with a racial epithet.

  7. sorry. quite the contrary. one sign is changed to be less ‘vulgar’ while the other sign is changed to be racially vulgar.
    the only thing that makes them similar, i guess, is they use signs.

  8. Um, I guess I’m the one responsible for ‘the coolest act of management ever’.

    I hope that this shenanigan doesn’t cloud the message of the play and hope that the extra publicity raises addition $ for their agenda.

    We had a good time with this and welcome anybody interested in bringing ‘Moby Ding-Ding’ to town.

    Vagina 1. HooHaa 0.


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