1. her article is much, much worse than what she said on CNN. i can’t even begin to point out all the idiocies and fallacies contained therein. i think it’s definitely safe to say that she is far more like a muslim extremist than any atheist. she obviously knows nothing about atheism, and has no desire to know more. i think it is, however, pretty telling of what the bulk of the country thinks of us.

  2. People who do not really believe in the religion they say they are a follower of are always fearful, leery and accusative of those who do not follow the doctrines they claim to espouse. After all if the “christian” in question truly had faith in her religion she would know that her god would sit in judgment and she would be good and go to heaven. (Though interestingly heaven is supposedly a “heathen” left over and not really in the bible per se) What religion others mistakenly (in her opinion) follow, or the lack there of, really should not threaten her -after all she is following her god and whatever branch of chistianity she has decided is “right”. It is also interesting how vehemently they react to those who do not believe in a god at all. All of which reminds me of a great bumper sticker –


    on the side, has anyone read the Iliad and Odyssey followed by the Aeneid? You can really see where the christian myths evolved from, its rather depressing as well, the joy was lost, the gods became spiteful and the people cowering and fated..

  3. whoops wrote before I watched the clip!

    Is this really the level to which broadcasting has sunk? It was hardly aritculate. First may I say CRISTIAN NATION??????? Since when? Last I chacked this was a democtatic nation, a place whose ideals were of a government for and by the people. This can only work through seperation of church and state, our religious choices are private. The only way they can remain a free choice is to maintain an environment where the interests of the churchs are our souls not in governing us. By the by, demographically speaking I believe we are a White nation as well, but for the time being at least it seems obvious that that doesn’t go anywhere pretty…

    Second, “take one nation under god” out of the pledge of allegiance? It wasn’t in it to begin with, it negates the line after it as well. We are hardly indivisible unless we maintain that space that is purely about the good of the country, the good of everybody here, what allows for it to be fair and equally protective of everyone’s rights. If done on a religious basis… all equality is gone. Under god excludes so many people, what about godS, what about goddess(es), or no god at all?

    Third, religion in school? We are free to pray in school, the teachers and schools are not free to make you pray. Doesn’t this so called pulitzer prize winner grasp that she will lose her own rights if prayer is brought into school? Which branch of christianity will it be?Or will it be a general christian prayer devoid of all meaning? Doesn’t it bother her that to have something of this sort wouyld turn what is meant to be a sacred and private moment between her child and her god into something as insipid as a hallmank card? ..oops probably not… as meaningless as a pledge of allegiance that is self negatimg and has never been fully explained to the child? ..oops.. um that is meaningless to a point of mockery? Doesn’t she want to teach her child her own morays? Can’t she give her child a religious background with out help from the state?

    But what is really disturbing is the fatted, superior, arrogant manner in which they tittered and bobbed their heads while bashing atheists. Are atheists discriminated against? Well gosh, after watching y’all I reckon so! Chang victims and they could be any bunch of elitists pandering to the prejudice of the day. The commentary was bizzare, I’m jewish but its a christian nation, everyone I know believes in god, maybe they need a HALLMARK CARD???, maybe they are left out, they are angry people, they are taking our rights away -can’t they keep their beliefs (or lack there of) to themselves? The level of ignorance/intolerance evident was scary.

  4. Here is the same CNN discussion replacing African American for atheist and white for christian. Things pertaining directly to atheism were omitted. It is not a direct comparison but it makes a point on what ignorance and unfounded hate accomplish. Feel free to modify it to better fit the discussion. I imagine this conversation taking place during the civil rights movement.

    Z: And welcome back. We’re talking about whether there’s widespread discrimination against african americans, folks who don’t have the same skin color as whites. Let’s check out with our out in the open panel now. S S, D S and K H. Hey D, it took me 10 times to say your name right. (INAUDIBLE) So do you think african americans should keep the color of their skin secret and not want equal rights?
    H: I think this is such a ridiculous story. Are we not going to take away separate schools? Are we going to not have separate bathrooms? When does it end? We got rid of slavery. What more do they want?
    Z: Are any of you going to defend them here tonight?
    S: No, I agree with her 100 percent. I think that the real discrimination is african americans against Whites. Listen, we are a white nation. I’m not a white. I’m native american, but I recognize we’re a white country and freedom of equallity doesn’t mean freedom from seperation. And the problem is that, you have these african americans selectively I believe attacking whites. You had a case in California where asians where descriminated against. Or in the east Irish people being descriminated against. You don’t see african americans complaining about that. I really believe that they are the ones who are the intolerant ones against whites.
    Z: What happened to love thy neighbor, the idea that we should be able to practice free speech?
    S: That’s nonexistent. We all know that. We talk about that in America, but that’s pretty much nonexistent, especially in the red states, particularly in the south. That’s where the african americans are having the most trouble. When they talk about violent acts that have been enacted them or (INAUDIBLE) exacted against them or what have you. That’s the kind of area they’re talking about. I think in New York City, I don’t think people care too much about it. We’re a white country. There’s no question about that. I love white people. So does K, so does everybody that I know. But the reality is that you’re entitled to believe what you want as long as you’re not imposing your beliefs on other people.
    Z: Is that what you think they’re really doing?
    H: They don’t have a good – marketing. If they had hallmark cards, maybe they wouldn’t feel so left out. We have white people cards, white people on telivision. Maybe they need to get some african american cards and get that whole ball rolling so more people can get involved with what they’re doing. I think they need to shut up and let people do what they do. No, I think they need to shut up about it.
    S: I don’t think they need to shut up. The reason why I don’t think they need to shut up is because there’s a whole bunch of people in this world that we can look at and say they need to shut up and they certainly don’t. You got everybody fighting for their own individual cause. This is their cause. We might not like it. I don’t agree with it at all, but they do have a right.
    H: I think they need to shut up about crying wolf all the time and saying that they’re being imposed upon. I personally think that they should never have stoped segregation of schools. I would rather there be some morality in schools. But they did that because an african american went to court and said their child was descriminated against.
    S: And what about this obnoxious Martin Luther King, who went all the way to the Supreme Court for his child, the child doesn’t know what’s going on. They are on the attack. It’s obnoxious and they do need to shut up.
    S: They are going on the attack, but the reality, again, is everybody has their own cause. The fact is there’s a whole bunch of people in America who need to shut up and they don’t. So why should these people be any less. We live in a nation. We’re supposed to be tolerant. We’re supposed to be accepting of other people’s viewpoints, even when they are not our own and the fact is, if they’re an african american, that’s their right. They’re not going to change me being white.
    Z: What I find so interesting is when you look at the statistics, that they were the most hated of all the minorities.
    S: I’m not even willing to believe that. That’s news to me. I heard that, I read that, I just don’t believe it.
    Z: Can you explain to me where you feel the assault? When a high percentage of the folks in this country are white, the rest of this population is not white, who are they hurting?
    H: They’re not hurting anyone. I personally don’t have a problem with african americans. Believe or don’t believe what you want. Don’t impose upon my right to want to have seperate schools, to want to have separate drinking fountains, to want to honor my traditions. Don’t infringe upon that right.
    S: This is a white country.
    S: I understand that, but what they’re saying is how can — if we’re inclusionary, why can’t we include all that and we’re not. That’s my point.
    S: (INAUDIBLE) Look where there are more african americans and where they are not white. Europe is becoming Communist. It’s fast falling and intolerance is increasing. That’s the one reason our country has not become like Europe because we have strong whites and because african americans are not strong. And I think that’s a good thing.

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