Dazed and Confused by the Yardbirds

The Yardbirds line-up included Jimmy Page, Keith Relf, Chris Dreja & Jim McCarty. The song originated from a man called Jake Holmes, whom the Yardbirds had seen in America. Dreja & Page were so impressed with Dazed that they bought his album the next day & learned the song from it, Relf made up his own lyrics to accompany the song & they started to perform it as part of their live set. When the yardie called it a day Page used it with Led Zeppelin. This version is live from Baton Rouge on French-TV, broadcasted on the 9th of March,1968. I know there is the full set of this show on YouTube this just the one song from it. Enjoy!

And a few years later.

  • niel

    wow… the yardbirds vocal part just kind of lays flat out there compared to Plant. I like this 1969 version, too…

  • Chris

    Nice clip Niel. You can see the color on Page’s Telecaster…

  • Jhonda

    Nice clip, and bringing to you information, that you may know, if you not here´s that Led Zep WOULD reagroup this year, im from Argentina and I wish and maybe plan to go to the States to presence Led Zeppelin, almost all.

  • huh just read this…

    (In 1976, musician Keith Relf of the Yardbirds died because his guitar wasn’t grounded properly.)