1. The problem was the fancy quotes around absolute and around A(). Change them to regular single quotes and it works.

    javascript:R=0;x1=.1;y1=.05;x2=.25;y2=.24;x3=1.6;y3=.24;x4=300;y4=200;x5=300;y5=200;DI=document.images;DIL=DI.length;function A(){for(i=0;i

  2. Sorry, I took out spaces and it tuncated the code and screwed up this page. Here it is again:

    javascript:R=0;x1=.1;y1=.05;x2=.25;y2=.24; x3=1.6;y3=.24;x4=300;y4=200;x5=300;y5=200; DI=document.images;DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0;i

  3. Don’t worry Dean.

    I can’t get it fixed correctly so I’m removing the code from my site. People can get it from google blogoscope which has more of a clue than this site.

  4. Works on loads of sites, though – sends ads and stuff flying around. Try it on the Guardian site (www.guardian.co.uk) for example to get loads of photos flying around (it’ll be a bit jerky if your pooter is as ancient and slow as mine!)…

  5. It works really well if you do it on a site with a lot of pictures (like outeast said). I usually search for an image on google images first, and then do it. It looks cool if you search “birds in flight”.

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