1. Thank God and Sweet Baby Jesus that homosexuals are still prohibited from tying the knot. The sanctity of marriage remains safe and secure.

  2. The Thriller dance was very cool! I like that they all got together and learned it to make the wedding fun! I couldn’t finish watching the second one because I couldn’t stand the sound of their voices…what was the outcome of that one?

  3. Gwenny, you have to watch it! Want to see a psycho bride? This is the video for you. I work in television and people are constantly asking me to do their wedding videos and I ALWAYS turn them down. This video is why…brides are bad (thank goodness I behaved like a normal person on my wedding day).

  4. I loved the bridesmaid who kept laughing and tipping her champagne at the camera as the bride started cutting her hair. Good times.

    I behaved like a normal person on my wedding day also and got married in Vegas…..

  5. Aiiiii. And men get married to these?

    Just remember guys, they’re on their best behavior on wedding day. It goes downhill from there.

    Video 1: WTF? What ever happened to the good old receptions where everyone got smashed and the families of the bride and groom got into world-class drunken brawls?

  6. Apparently, this vid here of the bride freaking out and chopping off her hair was all staged. Some sort of a viral video for a hair care company in Canada, or something. Inside Edition here just spilled it for me.

    So not to worry. While I have no doubt there are people that nuts, this isn’t one of ’em.

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