Help Mat Find This Song

Mat writes:

Dear Chris,

I’m a longtime reader who is in a very desperate situation. My fiancee and I are searching for the facts behind our proposed wedding song which we discovered in a Romanian brothel that we had mistaken for a hotel. We’ve got nothing but the melody which I have uploaded onto my blog in the hope that someone out there might know the song and reveal the title or artist in the comments. It’s a longshot, but at this stage we’ve tried everything else.

Thanks kindly,


Ah yes, the old, “I swear I didn’t know it was a brothel, I thought it was a Holiday Inn” excuse.

Ok Cynics, if anybody out there wants show off their knowledge of Romanian songs, here’s your chance.


  1. I’ve got an online friend who has Romanian heritage and recently re-visited her homeland. I’ve sent her the link to the sound clip. With luck she may recognize it.

  2. It’s an honest mistake!

    Since in Romanian there is only one word for hotel and brothel :-P.

    Wait only 8 seconds of Pam baa am Pam baaaaam. Sounds like the national anthem.

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