James Randi Exposes Peter Popoff

A famous (or perhaps we should say “infamous”) preacher you may have heard of is Peter Popoff. In the early 1980’s he was pulling in over 4 million dollars a year deceiving thousands. Then, he was exposed by a stage magician (and skeptic) by the name of James Randi. Randi attended one of the services where Popoff seemed to “prophetically” know people’s names, addresses and ailments and, with a small FM scanner, he discovered that Popoff was being fed information through a wireless receiver in his ear (by his wife backstage). This video clip is an excerpt from an interview with Randi on NOVA. Beware, for this money-lusting false preacher is still at it today!


  1. You’re completely ignoring the fact that Peter Popoff is completely hilarious. Best religious scam ever! And he sends you crazy letters to try and get you to send him money! He pushes old ladies down! He throws crutches at the stage! You take him too seriously and are missing out all the entertainment value.

  2. He takes the money of people that have extreme faith, and don’t expect to be fooled by a charlatan that uses religion to get rich. This makes me sick…

  3. Randi exposed Popoff in ’87. It’s twenty years later now, and Popoff has been back in business for a while now, selling Miracle Spring Water.

    Wut’s that say about humanity?


  4. Has anyone here seen Carinvale? When they get Ben Hawkins to do his “Benjamin St. John” act….it’s just so spot-on, because it’s so easy to copy these charlatans.

  5. I reckon he should be set on fire live on stage. See if Jesus can put the flames out for him. People are stupid to believe in him, but some folk need that in their lives, that’s why any religion exists, it’s all a telemarketing scam.

  6. Ah geez, these are good. Randi rocks in every way.

    Also popoff was amusing but Benny Hinn is the king of ridiculousness in terms of pushing people over.

  7. I guess God is too busy helping football players win Superbowls, helping rap stars win grammys and slamming poor people in New Orleans with huricanes as punishment for the war in Iraq to strike dead sick humans beings like Popoff and Hinn. How do these maggots get away with this crap?

  8. Wow. I have recently been getting his letters. And, trying to be a good Christian to test out for myself, every time there was a scripture quoted in his letters, I got out my bible and read. About half of his scriptures applied to whatever he was saying. The other half left me scratching my head. On his newest letters, it mentions, and I quote: “By providing a check to PUFC Inc., you authorize us to electronically deposit your check. Funds may be withdrawn the same day of receiving payment and you will not get your check back from your bank. To opt out, call 888-988-8463.” He seems to always come up with new ideas and ways to scam people. In one of his letters to me, he had me light a candle while saying two prayers. After each prayer, I was to sign my name. I wonder, will he be scanning my signature for future refrence? Will he wait to get my checking account information and then use my signature to withdraw money from my account unbeknownst to me??? I really wonder.

    I can not imagine the punishment in store for Peter and Elizabeth Popoff on the day of judgement. Do they really understand just what they are doing to themselves for eternity?????

  9. Anybody out there that want’s “The Married Housewifes” version…
    I’m his ex-brother-in-law..my firm has contracted with his for
    12 YEARS !…The stories about him are the same old stuff….
    How ’bout we put a stop to him once and for all…here’s
    my email- Inhuntbeach@yahoo.com….
    Leap of Faith—nothing
    Amazing Randing-good, but a little full of himself…(great funding)

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