1. I had a cat for years. She never talked to me, except when I forgot to take my meds.

    Sometimes she would get curious and nose around the bathtub while I was bathing, trying to bat or lick the water. I’d often considered pushing her in, but I (wisely, in hindsight) feared a reaction as in the video so close in proximity to my unprotected genitals.

  2. poor, poor cat. mine likes to sit on the tub in between the shower curtain and the liner while you are showering. she hasn’t fallen in yet, but she proabably will eventually.

  3. Jenni, send in a picture of your cat and I’ll do a reader cat blogging segment tomorrow.

    There’s only so many poses I can get Cynikitty to do.

  4. That looks fucking terrifying for that cat. My two cats don’t mind water so much, unless they’re actually being tossed in it….but that thing is a goddamn cat torture chamber.

  5. I want to kick the f****ing jerk that created that and the cat “owner” that left the cat there, after saw how stressed he was. People are stupid. I don’t like them. 🙁

    BTW, you don’t need to wash cats, just if you have a very very hairy cat and he/ she still dirty after a day or when the cat have a skin problem. Just a very selfish, with no feelings, person to do that with a cat.

  6. I prefer to get my cats used to baths when they are young (and easier to hold) so they aren’t terrified when they need a bath. Turned out to be a good idea when my older kid was diagnosed as allergic. A bath once a week keeps the allergies managable, and the cats are used to it. Now my kids do the cat-bathing.

  7. The more I think about this, the more I think it MUST be a hoax. I mean, it’s just not practical — how the hell are you going to get a cat BACK into that contraption for another “bath”?

    Incidentally, the way the cat bounces around is exactly the same way I saw a kitten bounce around after it got run over by a car. Unless you think it’s okay to wash a baby in the same box, I think you’d better stick to handwashing, get rid of the cat, or just accept its natural cologne…

  8. You ppl are disgusting and cruel.. I hope one day someone can throw you in a washing machine. You think torturing a cat is funny???
    You must be completely mentally retarded or just plain sedistic and sick…

  9. torturing a cat is not funny…just plain sick…I’m not impressed at all…I should send an email to the animal rights people and take away that cat from those sick owners

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