Love God’s Way

A religious website that outs rock bands and musicians as gay or gay friendly. I can’t tell the difference between satire and religious silliness anymore so I have no idea if this is serious or not. Either way it’s pretty goddamn funny.

One of the most dangerous ways homosexuality invades family life is through popular music. Parents should keep careful watch over their children’s listening habits, especially in this Internet Age of MP3 piracy.

Here are a few bands to watch out for:

The Spores
Ravi Shankar
The Doors
The Rolling Stones
David Bowie
Clay Aiken
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Panic at the Disco
Elton John(really gay)


The site seems to be down. Here’s the cached version.

Update 2:

Thanks to Gaby for this David Brent-like music video for the song “God Hates Fags” by the guy who did the site. I’m almost certain it is satire now. You can’t take anybody with that kind of moustache seriously.


  1. i hope it is satire, because oscar wilde was NOT a reformed homosexual. he was fucking imprisoned and forced to do hard labor for YEARS because he was convicted of it.

  2. Funny that the site lists Cindy Lauper as a “safe” band, being that I personally saw her perform at a Gay Pride Fest two years ago…

  3. wow, that video. I hope that’s satire, because between the pink shirt and the lyrics about “fighting the urges” tells me that guy is gay. And he should probably come to terms with that.

  4. Hell yes it’s a spoof. Some dude wanted to attract a lot of attention and put a smackdown on the xtian fundies, in one fell swoop.

    I say good for him!

  5. I don’t get enough easy listening music about hate in my life. After hearing that song, I calmly want to punch somebody. Maybe this guy.

    Definitely this guy.

    He should team up with Prussian Blue and do a duet about how god hates fags and the mud races. The video could be shot with them singing atop Kilauea in Hawaii, to showcase god’s awesome power and fury. Then they could camp near an active vent to show how god protects them. I’m pretty sure god won’t let them get consumed by lava.

    Yep. Pretty sure.

  6. Oh please, people – can you really not see that this is a fabulously executed spoof – the fact that Elton John is described in his second listing as Elton John(really gay) should maybe give you a clue?
    That and the link to Wikipedia’s entry on Ted Haggard under the words ‘corruption and scandal’ in the ‘Why Now?’ section…
    Wonderful video – I surely hope it’s going to be a hit!

  7. Why does a link from one possibly spoof site to another make the first genuine? Is there some restriction to the amount of spoof sites it is possible to make that I’m unaware of?

    Anyhooo, there’s some interesting stuff going on there – some unusual tags in the domain registration to prevent the client ‘Donnie’ having any control over the domain directly. Wild stab in the dark would say that this means it’s a freebie domain, which would make me lean towards him thinking of it as disposable, which makes me lean towards spoof.

    That moves it from 50-50 to 51% in favour of spoof for me, who can honestly tell?

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