1. One would think he could say twice as much in a fraction of the time with an ad along the lines of:

    “Hi, I’m Sonny Bono. I married Cher. For the love of all that is good and holy, don’t smoke pot! For crying out loud, I MARRIED CHER! Save yourselves before it’s too late. Oh god, help me!” [Buries his face in his hands and breaks down weeping.]

  2. “Woo Dude, one time I got so high I made this PSA for anti-pot smoking.” Of course this is coming from a man who had to admit that he had smoked pot during his music career while running for Representative from California. Too many people could come out and finger him if he tried to deny it. This is also a guy who said his role model in life was Phil Spechter. Too bad he didn’t live long enough to kill his wife.

  3. What a tool.

    “Hello, I’m Sonny Bono. Please don’t smoke marijuana, otherwise you could end up writing and performing crappy banal songs just like me.”

  4. Hi, I’m Sonny Bono. I’m the only pro-environment politician in US history to have been killed BY the environment.

    I support logging.

    Cut them damn trees down, and plant some pot there instead. They aren’t as hard, when you crash into them.


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