The Original 1977 Trailer for Star Wars

I just watched this wretched trailer twice and a few thoughts popped into my head:

1. This trailer doesn’t even attempt to tell you what story is about (The story of a boy, a girl and a universe????) I always heard that Lucas kept the studio in the dark and this seems to be evidence supporting those stories.

2. Gotta love the voice over guy.

3. I’m convinced that without John Williams’ score, we wouldn’t have the prequels to bash because nothing after “A New Hope” would have been made. It’s jarring to see those clips without the music in the background.

As a bonus here’s The Empire Strikes back trailer without the music

and with the music

(via YesButNoButYes)

  • Mau


    thanks for sharing!

  • brian

    T two minute close-up shot of Darth Vader breathing would have been much better…And maybe the explosion at the end.

  • I remember this commercial (the first clip), and the non-Williams music has been driving me nuts ever since. Nobody seems to recall this spot – I think it only ran until the real fever began over the movie. Maybe for a week or two. Then, they packaged up a new commercial with the proper music.

    I remember the tempo being a little faster, but maybe I was just excited.

  • I always wondered where the opening of the UNKLE CD came from – “Somewhere in space… this may all be happening… right now”

    Very cool. And yes, they are horrible.

  • Tim

    Is it just me, or does the voice-over guy sound like William Shatner?

  • croatoan

    Also, the title doesn’t use the “Star Wars” typeface.

  • John B

    Wow. Nowadays trailers are better than the movies rather than worse.

  • Jim

    Is the music from the first Empire trailer by Micheal Nyman?

  • Man, how did they manage to make Star Wars look so bad and sound so dull?

  • mike

    Tim: yeah – I thought it sounded like Shatner as well.

  • Mike S.

    It is Shatner doing the voice over how ironic is that….LOL !!!!