1. Hasan, what on earth is “Blass mir, schwule!” supposed to mean?
    Maybe it is a curious coincidence and means something entirely comprehensible in some other language, but the only meaning I get from it is “Pale me, gays!” I don’t get it. Whether in or out of context. Pale is not a verb. It is an adjective or at best a color hue.

    Were you going for “Blow me, gays”? That is spelled differently. And it is not a nice thing to say anyway.
    Been successful with that so far?

  2. “which may actually mean, I’m a lesbian donut”

    I think that’s “Ich bin ein Lesbisch.”

    I am also amused to see that there is a Klingon translation, but nothing in Navajo, as per that article from The Onion a while back.

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